Essential Reminders for a Fascinating Trip to Siargao Philippines

Siargao Philippines is a simple yet fascinating attraction that many tourists and travelers want to see and visit. It’s a secluded island hidden from the buzzling big cities of Mindanao, facing the majestic Pacific Ocean at the east. And that’s the reason why the island became the surfing capital of the country, since it features waves alluring for surfers. Of course, you can enjoy such surfs as well, along with other enjoyable things and activities the island has.

However, you should know few reminders before heading on a travel to Siargao. This is to know how you can make the most out of your vacation, and avoid certain possible problems through your stay. 

What to remember before going to Siargao Philippines

A Siargao island getaway is surely fantastic, but you can surely make the most out of it with these quick reminders in mind:

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Know when to Travel

It’s important to know when you should plan your travel, especially if you want to enjoy certain experiences on the island. Some activities are best on peak seasons, which usually last from March to October. However, the not-so-popular months of November to February also offer certain wonders, beginning with the small number of crowd around. 

If you want to have fun on the surfs, travel during August to November when the waves are on its peak. Moreover, the annual International Surfing Competition takes place on September, and you can certainly join if you want to. The sunny and peaceful months of March to October is the best time to go scuba diving and kayaking, while fishing is best during March to May. Finally, you can come from December to March if you want to enjoy kitesurfing, windsurfing and to begin learning surfing.

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Two Options of Reaching the Island

The island is a secluded spot in Mindanao, making it difficult to reach through traditional travel options. However, you can choose a special small plane ride from Clark Pampanga, Manila or Cebu to reach the Siargao Airport.

Alternatively, you can choose to go to Butuan City first for a cheaper trip. From Butuan, you can travel by bus to Surigao City. Go to Surigao Port, and ride aboard a fast craft ferry to reach Dapa Ferry Terminal in Siargao. And from Dapa Ferry Terminal, tricycle rides are available so you can reach your accommodation.

On a side note, book your accommodation at least 2 weeks before going. This is to make sure of having a room waiting for your arrival, especially if you’re planning a trip on peak season.

Bring enough Pocket Money

Before you travel to Siargao Philippines, be sure to carry enough pocket cash. This is because of the small number of ATMs in the area, plus these machines don’t get refills regularly. You can’t enjoy the place without enough cash to spend. Thus, get peso coins and bills from banks at Manila, Cebu or even in Butuan City before your vacation.

Things you can See and Experience on the place

The Siargao Island Philippines has lots to offer for tourists and travelers. But here are few of the most popular options you should consider:


The island is the Surfing Capital of the country, thus you should not miss to try enjoying the waves which surfers from around the world crave for. Siargao surfing can satisfy advance or expert surfers on different surfing styles, and trainers are there to help beginners learn the sport as well. Moreover, surf boards are available for you to rent in the area, so you don’t have to bring or buy your own.

You can visit during the peak surfing season of August to November, but prepare yourself for a big crowd on the island. And if you want to go surfing on plain water or learn the basic surfing skills, December to March could suit you well.

Kayaking or Boating

Kayaking is something you can enjoy throughout the year in the area. This can help you go island hopping to nearby island around, and visit a thick mangrove forest to see its stunning views and biodiversity.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another popular activity you can enjoy on the sea around the island. After all, aside from the wonderful world-class surfs, the island also features more than 20 spectacular diving spot with fascinating underwater views. And to help you visit such diving sites, you can hire some guides and trainers around.


You can’t talk about wonderful sea and rich marine biodiversity without mentioning about fishing. And yes, you can enjoy fishing on the area as well! You can try catching different fishes around, such as the big game fishes of Tuna, Mahi-Mahi and Marlin. In fact, you can come during April, and enjoy the Big Game Fishing competition. 

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Have fun by the Beach

Since this is about sea and island vacation, you should definitely book a stay at one of the top Siargao resorts to enjoy the beach of the island! You can go swimming, sunbathing, strolling or do beach activities you want all day long. Of course, you can simply relax and appreciate the natural beauty of the place too.

Knowing these points can help you fully enjoy an escapade to Siargao Philippines. Just prepare yourself and your stuff, plan your stay and know the activities you love to enjoy on the island.

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