Dahilayan Adventure Park, Travel is the best Place in Bukidnon

Are you tired of being workaholic?  Like are you tired of doing your daily routine all day long in work, or in office? travel is the best thing to do. I know being a workaholic person is a choice. But try to out of your comfort zone and explore something new for once in your life.  Why don’t you try to expose, explore or experience yourself you’ve haven’t been done before. Try to spend your time with the beauty of nature, such as the water, by smelling the fresh air and refreshing your mind. And then try to find spots where the best place to travel is…

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Dahilayan Pine Groves


Dahilyan Adventure Travel Place

If you are a nature lover, try to come and visit on Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich Bukidnon, this place to travel is so amazing, the views. And this place is so cold and relaxing because of it’s the volume of Pine Grove Trees, Flowers, and different People. And it seems like this place is on the top of the mountain surrounded by those Pine Trees. They also have the rides which are Forest Luge, Hanging Bridge, Mini Golf, Go Cart, Bumper Boat and more.

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A Volume of Pine Trees

But the highlights of the best rides in Dahilayan Adventure Park are Drop Zone and Zipline. Drop zone is the scariest ride like they pulling you up in the air. And if they reach the maximum height level then they will push you down. And it’s about 100 meters from the ground it’s safe because they have the safety tools before letting you in.

Cold Place to Travel in Bukidnon

If you want to bring your family or friends? So this is the best place to travel in you. Because you can stay here as long as you enjoying it. They also have rooms which you are comfortable to stay in. But it’s not for free. They also have a restaurant where you can order foods and drinks. This place is quite far from the City but if you been here already you forget how far the place is. The ambiance is like a medicine once you are here it takes all away from your stressed and disappointments. This place is worth to come.

Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon is one of the best places to travel with families and friends when it comes to nature. It is an ideal place you should come and visit if you are a nature lover.

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Different Kind of Flowers

How to be there? For commuters, from Davao City Ecoland Terminal ride a Rural Bus Transit going to Cagayan City but make sure the driver or conductor know where you can stop. Tell them that your destination is in Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon and then they will stop you in Manolo Fortich but it takes 5-6 hours long to travel. From Manolo Fortich ride a motor going Dahilayan Adventure Park, Quite far but it’s worth it. Better if you have your own transportation or you have to rent a van.

Go, come and travel, don’t so selfish your own happiness, because I know Working is for money to live, but to travel is happiness and experience you will never be miss.