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Best Place to Travel – Nasuli Spring Resort

One of the places to travel in Mindanao is in Nasuli Spring Resort if you are nature lover which is the water, the air, the trees, and the ambiance. This place is a cold cause its and surrounded by the mountain.  So this is perfect for you to come and visit. Like if you want to be alone, unwind or relax so this is the best travel place for you. If you want to be with your family, friends or loved ones to bring them to this resort.

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Nasulispring resort is the best place to travel to, located at Maramag, Malay Balay Bukidnon. If you are a commuter or traveler Bukidnon is one of the big provinces in Mindanao to explore.

How to get there, Nasuli Spring Resort.

From Davao City, you have to ride a bus on the terminal in Ecoland going to Cagayan but make sure that the bus driver knows where you wanted to go. Tell the driver that you will stop at Quezon terminal which is already in Bukidnon. But Davao City going to Quezon Malay Balay Bukidnon it takes a 4-5hours long. From the bus terminal going to Nasuli Spring Resort, you have to ride a motor and it takes 30mins. Those drivers in Quezon already know where Nasuli Spring Resort is.

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The best place to travel Nasuli Spring Resort is affordable to visit though it’s quite far if you been there already you forget how far the place is. its peace and solemn where you can find serenity. Where you can feel relax and stress-free. Nasuli Spring Resort has nature cold water where the trees can filter the water as well. Like you feel that water massage you in the whole body and it can get away the hotness of your body and mind or negativity in life. Like once you’ve visited this place you will never forget it you will never be miss one of your life. And this is a part of our achievements in life for once we enjoy life.

Reasons Why, The Cheapest Place 

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to visit because it is own by the government of Bukidnon. This place you’ve wishes to visit because it is own by the government of Bukidnon. The spring and pool are the popular places for local picnic and swim. Though the road access and parking are a little bit troublesome it’s worth the hassle. But if you already see the pool its look like a crystal clear. Like the water is clean blue and deep and it seems like 20ft below the ground. But if you don’t know how to swim you can rent a life jacket in the cashier area. And where the fishes swimming with you in the pool there’s also a diving area where you can dive.

And it’s about the cottage you can rent is worth 300php. And if you don’t want to rent a cottage you can stay on the bench but for entrance worth 30php per person but bring your own food. There’s no corkage. But you can buy food outside the resort. They have the amenities that you need in the resort, comfort room, shower and everything you need when you are there.