Cheapest Visit: Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring Maco Compostela Valley

Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring

One of our bucket lists is the Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring and finally, we got the chance to visit last December
14, 2019, My family experienced the unique Natural Hot Spring. Mountainous and geothermally
active water falls down from Mt. Leonard Kniazeff. The place surrounded by mountains, green trees, and
wildflowers. The area covered with deposits of minerals and naturally create stalactites around the
surface gives the best attraction for the area. At the other back, there is a natural sauna pool with warm
water where you can relax.


The warm water is known to give good circulation of the blood, reducing stress and relieving muscle pain. Steaming waterfalls which cascade and form the waters are an additional attraction.The amazing rock formation which you can seat and fell the fall down of water to your body. The perfect days to visit the place during cold or rainy days. Make it sure that your body temperature can adjust it is very hot, Walk slowly go to a waterfall then little by little soak other parts of your body to easily adapt the temperature. Water from the hot spring can soothe to our nerves to feel comfort and ease the pain. You can bring lotion chamomile or thyme it is good for skin relaxation. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.


 The perfect days to visit the place during cold or rainy days.

Apart from enjoying the hot spring the Community also offer massages from the  Mainit Community Worker Wellness Association. Some Hot spring is contained man-made or natural pools but Mainit hot spring is a steaming natural waterfall. It is a new sight to be one of the amazing places I have a visit. The rock formation the water cascade all yellowish maybe because of the hot water. The different rock formation resembled by men’s genital. Some Visitors here staying long to enjoy the healing water from the hot spring and most of the living people nearby take a bath and leave. There’s no need for you to bring a lot’s money all are affordable.

Hot Spring Water

Sulfuric Hot Spring

If you are looking for the cheapest way you will need to take a bus from Davao City Terminal that will bound to Mawab Comval Terminal then just look for habal habal motor, or you can drop Tagum City terminal then next ride is jeep bound to Masara  ask the driver that you are going to visit Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring, they can drop you exactly in the area. Don’t worry about the next ride back home there’s a lot of motor outside until 7 pm. The area is already developed there are open cottages but staying overnight is not allowed. Sari-Sari store you can buy basic commodities. Bathrooms and toilets are there. But it’s good if bring your own food and drinks. The entrance fee is only 10.00 pesos and for the cottage is 100.00 pesos.

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