Castelmonte Leisure Park, One of the Cheap Places to Travel in Davao

Cheap places to go to have been a part of a person’s lists to do. Castelmonte Leisure Park has what it takes. People considering many, such as the price of the source of foods, clothes, or the toy and hobby they could afford, could fit much in this resort.

To earn or work for money was never easy. But, to stay on the same routine could anyhow be stressful. Thus people have the urge to travel time and time to stress away. Tour on any other part of the world may sound exciting but demands great expenses, considering the hotels, foods, not to mention the airplane tickets and visas involve.

Apparently, the City of Davao could really lead you to many getaways. Malls are the typical places. But if you seek further, a little time spends on traveling could really lead you to promising areas. Cold weather, which is very different from the natural hot weather of the Philippines, is in the air of the place of Buda, more precisely in Castelmonte Leisure Park.

Cheap Places to Travel

Castelmonte Leisure Park- the Google Map

Castelmonte Leisure Park could be conveniently found in the google map of Buda. As can be seen in the map, there are many other resorts along the Davao-Bukidnon Highway. Alice Log House, Epol Spring Resort, Lola Mommy’s Rain Forest. Not seen above are the Bemwa Farm, Buda Vista Vacation House, Garden of Gethsemane, Hills View Mountain Villa, Jive Highland Resort, D’Captain’s Haven Resort. Prices in all these resorts vary quite highly.

  Castelmonte Leisure Park’s yellow house for rent.

Castelmonte Leisure Park is a resort that is particularly very welcome to bring your own food, cooked, or to be a cook. A yellow big house for lease is furnished with basic cooking utensils. Conspicuous sitting areas should provide a relaxing mode, along with the cool breeze. Everything is green out there, so natural. Each room is provided with sets of beddings and pillows. For basic needs, Langub Coffee shop is available at very reasonable prices.

       Castelmonte Leisure Park’s Mommy Lola’s Garden

Mawi Jeanie and Anjel Twinie

There isn’t much to spend money with aside from the room or house for lease and the viewing of the cave. The cheap money would just be to maintain it by the caretaker most especially the plants. Variety grows in its kind of weather and soil. Ornamental and herbal plants bring so much joy to your eyes. Thus, available plants are for sale too

                                Castelmonte Leisure Park’s Overview Deck Location


Castelmonte Leisure Park urges more physical activities that do not require spending. Trekking could be very good for one’s body as well as one’s thinking or meditating moments. From the highest ground, a cottage is available to see all views around. The lowest ground has the cave for more adventure. Children’s playground could be fun for children too. My now six years old daughter loves playing there.

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