10 Best Ways to Make Money Online While You Travel the World

Travelling does not only make you have the best time of your life to relax and enjoy. It makes you open your eyes to the things you didn’t know exists. Traveling educates you not just about other places, people, history and culture but also more about yourself.

When traveling you are forced to take new and fresh perspectives. You do things out your comfort zone. You become independent, learn compassion for other lives and could even learn a new language.

You may say that traveling only for those people who have lots of money but you are very wrong. As Paulo Coelho once said ” Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” you don’t need to save up millions or wait for a travel partner to go on an adventure. You can have the most unforgettable adventure of your life if you decide to travel now.

No need to worry about being broke after because we here at Wandergala will help you learn how to earn money even while you are traveling.


1.  Be a Virtual Assistant



These days being a virtual assistant or a freelancer is very in demand by entrepreneurs and online business that needs help but doesn’t want to bring on staff in their location. Being a virtual assistant like the name implies, you are to assist in a day to day tasks over the internet. You need to perform a wide variety of tasks . The services you offer are endless and all depends on your background training, experience and skills. You can be contacted for one time project like logo design or it can be a continuing job such as replying to emails and comments. You don’t just help them run their business smoothly but also run their lives smoothly.

2. Graphic Designer


A graphic designer creates digital images by combining the use of computer software and art concepts to deliver and develop ideas. You must be original and creative thinker with the ability to develop and apply clever ideas in your design. You must be able to develop graphics from advertisements , brochure, corporate branding and other media like websites. If you have deep knowledge about Photoshop and has a great standards and skills then companies. You must also have great standards and skills so that companies would want to hire you no matter where you are in the world.

. 3. Online English Teacher


You can be part of this growing trend in the education industry. You just need to have a good Wi-Fi connection, a laptop with a webcam and headphones. Teaching English online has grown exponentially these days to meet the needs of students worldwide who cannot access the in-person classes. Also, online learning is so convenient that many are up for it. Both you and your students can set your time to have classes when and where it suits you. No need to travel far to attend classes. You don’t need to have a PhD to teach English online. Many students have studied English before but lack the fluency and the ability to converse naturally. Making the majority of lessons conversational in nature.

4. Website Designer

If you know how to create simple or even complex websites then you can start your business online and look for a client. You can even ask for your friends, relatives or even the owner of the hostel that your staying to become your client refer you to someone they know to generate an on going business.

5. Software developer


Also known as Computer programmers are the brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance software system. You have to review current systems, present ideas for system improvements. Your skill will be in demand so with the right experience you can become your own boss.

6. Web Animators


Web animators are more known as multimedia animators, who creates moving, lifelike graphics and illustrations using state of the art 2D and 3d computer software models. Animated GIFs, Dynamic HTML, Java, Shockwave and Flash are some of the technologies they use to create animation.

7. Copywriter

If you have great writing skills, can work under pressure and can quickly interpret clients needs then you are good to go. You will have to write texts for the purpose of marketing and advertising. Copywriters are responsible for the texts in advertisements, brochures, billboards,catalogs, emails, websites and more.


8. Translation


If you know multiple languages really well then becoming a freelancer will be easy for you. It is regulated in some countries so you need to be educated to degree level. Knowledge about other countries culture will also be relevant.

9. Social media manager


Small companies are most likely to hire freelance social media managers that would take care of their accounts and help them grow. So if you’re into social media this is a great opportunity for you.You need to build, monitor and manage virtual communities including social networking sites, message boards, blogs and interactive multiplayer games. You are a mediator between brands and consumers. You have to use the internet to electronically distribute company news, product updates, multimedia content and thought leadership.

10. Proofreader


If you know the difference between their, there and they’re then this job might be for you. You’ll have to check the quality of publication before they go on print. You will be the front line for editing. Read, copy, transcripts and  check to make sure there are no grammatical, spelling and typographical errors. You’ll have to work for newspapers, publishers and other places hat rely on perfect grammar in printing.

If you have any of these skills then you can start traveling the world without worrying about losing your job or being broke. Enjoy your time wandering!



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