Britania Island: The Secret of Surigao

More than 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia form the Philippine archipelago lying beautifully at the Pacific region.  Divided into the three main groups of islands namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the Filipino nation holds many different unique islands within its territory. Pointing the spotlight just on the area of Mindanao, countless priceless islands floating on crystal-clear seawaters can be found.

In the municipality of San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, a cluster of small islands is simply waving out its natural beauty to gather attention from Filipino or foreign tourists.  Floating on the Lianga Bay, the Britania Island slowly lured people to come, get back and invite more to see the pictures scattered all over it.  With the “La Entrada” resort and restaurant serving as the island cluster’s gateway, visitors may enjoy the white sand of the island and its strange characteristics of inhabited and low vegetation.  There’s even a member island called the “Naked Island” because there’s almost nothing on it except its white sand view.

From the Davao City, you may take a 6-hour ride to Surigao and take a motorcycle from the Salvacion junction to the Britania Island.  You may stay at the La Entrada Resort and Restaurant for the entire duration of your visit and you may also rent a boat for island hopping.  The La Entrada offers a boat that can carry 10 passenger’s minimum and 20 for maximum with the price of 100php per person.  From there you may go to the members of the island cluster and see different unique and breath-taking sight like white sand islands, crystal cool waters, and even marine caves.

The Britania Island was discovered by the former town mayor Manuel Alameda Sr. when he realized that many people especially foreign tourists were fascinated with white sand beaches and seashores; a  sight which was just normal for him who lives in the place of these powdery white sands.  With this, he then opened up the La Entrada Resort and Restaurant, unveiling the curtains for the Britania Island which drew attention from many tourists and travelers.