The Princess Dayang Beach Resort

A regular stressful day of a typical person usually drains up our energy and is usually caused by a tiring urban lifestyle.  A life in the middle of busy streets, hot rising temperature, polluted atmosphere and lack of relaxation time.  The good thing is, our natural ecosystem provides us a space for fresh air, less crowd, no traffic jam, perfect unwinding spots and places of solitude in the arms of Mother Nature.

One of these great places is a simple yet elegant resort named Dayang which literally means prince or princess.  Located in an isolated part of the Talicud Island, this resort decorated by nature itself is a perfect place for a relaxing getaway from a stressful urban life.

One and a half hour travel via motorboat from the Sta. Ana warp of Davao city, Dayang beach resort displays the simple beauty of nature with its crystal clear seawaters, cool fresh air embrace and fine white sand and a bit rocky shore.  One may find this place perfect for being alone because of its peaceful ambiance with a sense of privacy.  Plus, its limited electricity supply which is only present from 1:00 in the afternoon until 2:00 in the morning gives the place a capacity to minimize the usage or somehow detach its visitors from their electrical gadgets and devices.

According to Ma’am Ellen, the owner of the place, their goal for the visitors is to provide a royalty-like feeling and let them feel as if they too own the place during their stay.  With only a hundred pesos for the entrance fee exclusive of an open cottage for maximum of six persons and close cottages ranging from 500php to 800php, the place is a very great place to unwind, relax, detach from stress and enjoy nature by the shore.

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