Lake Balinsasayao: The Twin Beauty

The Philippines is an archipelago situated in southeastern Asia and is blessed with various landforms and bodies of waters which were beautifully designed by nature.  From majestic land masses like mountains and volcanoes to wonderful water forms like waterfalls and rivers, all were included in the package of Philippine’s extraordinary natural gorgeousness.

lake balinsasayao itinerary

In the province of Negros Oriental, a natural spot where the magnificence of both the land and water forms paints a combination of their beauty and attracts many people to see it.  The Lake Balinsasayao in the town of Sibulan, Negros Oriental is a lake in a crater of a dormant volcano about 1000feet above sea level.  Lake Balinsasayao has a twin lake named Lake Danao.  Both are two small but deep lakes separated by a mountain ridge.

balinsasayao twin lakes natural park

The cool waters of the twin lakes invite visitors for swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking while the luscious green mountains surrounding the lakes are perfect for hiking and trekking.  Aside from the beauty of the place, various rare animals and plants can also be found around the area.  Rare orchids, giant ferns, endangered birds and even the Philippine’s tallest trees named the Almagica which can grow up to 60meters can also be found here.

lake balinsasayao entrance fee

The area beside the lake is also perfect for simple sightseeing or picnics.  Picnic huts can be rented in the place and a canteen which sells snacks can also be found.  To reach the place, a less than an hour travel from Dumaguete City which can possibly be stretched because of the difficult to pass rugged road must be gone through.  It is recommended that visitors must look for a driver that is already familiar with the roadway for safer travel and lesser problem.  Visitors must also keep in mind to be very careful during the travel and in their stay at the place.


  • Entrance Fee – P25 (Local) P100 (Non-Filipino)
  • Parking – P10 (Motorcycle) P25 (Car) P50 (Vans/SUV)
  • Cottages – P50
  • Paddle Boat – P350 for 6 people

  • Renting a motorcycle
    • Motorcycle Rental and Gas – P400
    • Entrance Fee & Parking (Twin Lakes) – P35
    • Entrance Fee Casaroro & Pulangbato Falls – P30
    • Food – P200

TOTAL: P665 (can be less if you’re sharing scooter with someone)

  • Hiring a motorcyle (habal-habal) and a driver
    • Fare Dumaguete to San Jose Juncture – P15
    • Habal-Habal and Driver – P600 (Twin Lakes alone is P300)
    • Entrance Fee & Parking – P35
    • Food – P200

TOTAL: P850 (can be less if you’re sharing cost with someone)

  • Day Tour Clubbed with Casaroro & Pulangbato Falls

0600: Wake Up
0600 – 0730: Breakfast. Tidy Up
0730 – 0800: Travel to the Twin Lakes
0800 – 1200: Twin Lakes and activities
12:00 – 1300: Lunch. Rest.
1300 – 1400: Travel to Valencia
1400 – 1500: Casaroro Falls
1500 – 1530: Travel to Pulangbato Falls
1530 – 1630: Pulangbato Falls
1630: Travel back to HOTEL

Source: AwanderfulSole