Come and Explore Pampanga

By: Lai Garcia

Have you ever been to Pampanga town? Have you tasted the tasty dishes proud of Kapampangan? Have you ever attended the Feasts performed here? Have you seen great sights here? Well, if not, then, plan and plan to get to Pampanga !.

Here in Pampanga, there are many activities, landscapes, food and much more that will surely make you happy. So what are you waiting for now?

This blog will help you to discover the beauty of Pampanga! Let’s explore it.

Many people have long been famous for its tasty dishes here, but not just the food it’s delicious because it’s the beginning of the bulking cracked Pinatubo, all of the Americans seem to have gone through it and people have begun businesses here not dependent on Americans.

  • Some of the most popular sights in Pampanga are located within CLARK such as Nayong Pilipino, Hot Air Balloon held annually, preferably, and if you love to gamble, there is also a Casino located within Clark. Of course, there are also attractions within Clark.

hot-air balloon fiesta in Clark

  • .There are a number of ancient buildings built in our town built by the Spanish. One of them was the Mansions of Executions where it served as the Palace of President Aguinaldo when it became the center of the government of the city of Angeles. The other old buildings are the┬áBale Herencia in 1860, Camalig in 1840, House of Don Angel Panteleon de Miranda in 1824, and one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Philippines, the Church of Saint Rosario dating from 1877 to 1896.
Don Angel Panteleon de Miranda in 1824

Don Angel Panteleon de Miranda in 1824

  • We are also museums, the Museum of Angeles where old photographs are seen, diorama featuring ancient life in Pampanga and other exhibits about the history of Angeles. But the Museum is not known by the government as national historical sites in Pampanga.

Museo ning Angeles


  • Now in a park in Pampanga is called the ‘Biggest Ferris Wheel in The Country’ which reaches a height of 200 feet. It is located in Sky Ranch.

Pampanga Eye


-Pampanga is a big hit for those who overflow the talent. There are so many individuals from Pampanga who are now known around the world because of their extraordinary talent.

It’s Allan Pineda Lindo or better known as known worldwide for its singing. He was only young when his family sent him to America because of extreme poverty. And because of his singing and effort, he met there and eventually he formed his own band and called it Black Eyed Peas.

Another personality from Pampanga is Efren “Bata” Reyes. Efren was still young when she was adopted by her uncle because of poverty. Beside her uncle’s house there is a billiard there and there she spent time. From age eight, Reyes had a billiard table and began to hold the cage to age nine. Reyes will soon be able to learn, and as a billiard, the opponents will make the money and pocket money in cash after winning wagons. Reyes dreamed to be a champion and it was fulfilled because of his efforts.

Efren "Bata" Reyes

Efren “Bata” Reyes

Ryzza Mae Dizon is also famous for being a poor family and living in Pampanga. At an early age, Ryzza joined a competition at Eat Bulaga and won. His achievements have been successful. And he raised his family with poverty.

Ryzza Mae Dizon

These are just a few of the Opportunities that have shown talent and are known to the Philippines and the World. More unique individuals live in Pampanga.