The Chocolate Hills: A Nature’s Masterpiece

chocolate hills

The Chocolate Hills Philippines

There are thousands of spectacular sites made by man all over the world, all throughout the history of mankind.  From the gigantic handworks of the ancient civilizations to the modern structures and spots in our present time, the world is proudly designed by a human with our precious works.  But despite all the great artworks human has made, nature remains unbeatable in catching the sight of everyone.

In the heart of the Bohol Island, the Philippines, an amazing masterpiece of nature can be seen.  A group of more than a thousand hills scattered all over the island which many people remarks as impossibly done by Mother Nature alone.  About four kilometers from the town of Carmen, Bohol, the Chocolate Hills Complex is located for the purpose of viewing the scattered hills all over the island.

The hills which are perfectly shaped as if engineered by humans to look like giant cone-shaped structures spread over an art plate are 30 to 50 meters in height and are covered with grasses which turn chocolate brown in sight at the end of the dry season thus, giving the name to the precious nature-work.

Legends say that the hills originated from a mess made by two giants who fought with each other for few days and left when they become friends again.  Another tale tells the story of Arogo, a young and strong giant who fell in love with a mortal girl named Aloya.  When Aloya died, Arogo cried with all his grieves and his tears turned into these hills.  On the other hand, geologists were still searching for the hills’ scientific origin until the present time.  The most accepted theory states that these were the weathered formation of marine limestones over waterproof clay.  These explanations can be found at the top of the Chocolate Hills complex, written on a bronze plaque.

The Chocolate Hills, Bohol From A Drone

The Chocolaty Delicious Hills of Bohol Island