D Leonor known as the Best Inland Resort in Davao

Searching for a place to go to that will without a doubt expand the value of what you’re spending for? Let’s talk about a standout amongst one of the most heard Davao hotels with pool, and yes! you hit the nail on the head, we are talking about D Leonor inland Resort.

We Work to earn, but of course, in order to escape from the stress we had, to maintain the work-life balance, we also need to unwind sometimes.

d leonor inland resort and adventure park

Below is the most talked Davao inland resort that you surely don’t want to miss out


D Leonor inland resort and Adventure Park

D leonor hotel

I’m quite sure that you might have heard about this inland resort, but what to expect there? Can this resort guarantee you the bliss? Can this resort offer not only one but lots of things to do while being there? Can this give you an extraordinary experience?  Can this resort give you an unforgettable experience?

Rates are somewhat competitive, but if you’re looking for a destination where you can enjoy the place sceneries, the inland resort, and the carnival rides, here’s a perfect spot for you.

D Leonor resort rates:

Day Tour: 150 per head


Wave Pool Entrance Fee :
Adult Php250.00 /pax

Giant Pool Entrance Fee:
Adult Php150.00 /pax

Room Rates:

Hotel Accommodation

Standard                                                             P 1400

Deluxe                                                                 P2400

Junior Suite                                                         P2800

Suite                                                                    P3400

House Type Accommodation

Chalet 1 (Good for 4 persons)                           P5200

Chalet 2 (Good for 3 persons)                           P4300

Chalet 3 (Good for 2 persons)                            P2400

Chalet 4 (Good for 8 persons)                             P4500

Native House(Good for 2 persons)                      P1000

Dormitory (Good for 10 persons)                          P5400

Carnival rides:

Bump Car:                                                           P50

Mizzy Coaster:                                                     P30

Ferris Wheel:                                                       P30

Carousel:                                                              P30

Cup and Saucer                                                   P30

Outdoor Activities:

Zipline                                                                    P250

ATV                                                                        P350 per 15minutes

Cable Car                                                               P350 per 15minutes

Wall climb                                                               P100

Here are the lists of D Leonor amenities to try that you would surely enjoy.

D Leonor’s Wave pool

d leonor hotel inland resort

d leonor inland resort room rates 2018

d leonor wave pool

Yes! It’s a wave pool! If you enjoy the feeling of waves, this will be a perfect option for you. What you see is what you would feel while being there!  The pool was so enormous that you and your family including the youngest member of the family can take advantage of.

davao resorts

The wave pool was intended for every individual from the Family, from the most youthful to the oldest for they have distinctive profundities for each. The waves are not steady, you can feel it each following 60 minutes. You won’t just appreciate the water itself yet the tranquility, nature, the bungalows, and the scenes too. On the off chance that you are the kind of individual who likes to take pictures so much, at that point you would without a doubt like being there.

D Leonor’s Giant Slide

d leonor inland resort and adventure park

Another choice in case you’re not excessively inspired by waves. This is littler than the wave pool, In here you can expect a mammoth slide where you can by one way or another vibe the sentiment of being on a crazy ride. It will be an ideal alternative for the individuals who might want to feel in one way or another the dread.

Located somewhat far from the entrance, but you won’t need to worry for there will be a transportation that will bring you there. Guaranteed that you would also like to try being here for it also offers crystal clear water and a nice ambiance for the cottages and nature.

A perfect option if you would also like to try the outdoor activities offered by d Leonor for you would only need to walk to try some of it.

Other things to do without water activities

In case you’re a sort of individual who doesn’t care to douse up with water and might want to feel experience with dread, Well, D Leonor likewise offers distinctive Carnivals that you and alternate individuals from the Family might likewise want to attempt.


D Leonor’s Adventure Park, you can just choose below the activities you would like to try, As listed above, the price for it was so affordable that you would want to try everything.

D Leonor’s Viking

Extreme ride where you can burst out words you would like to utter, I’m sure you have heard this kind of ride elsewhere, but what makes it the best is that d Leonor not only offers numerous rides but offers a lot like the place’s structure, different sculptures  wherein you can share through social media.

d leonor inland resort room rates 2017

d leonor inland resort website


Great option for those who are seeking both fun and terrifying ride. This will be at its best if you are with your squad, or with your relatives wherein you can share your shout into.

It’s only small, but try to ride on it, and you can imagine your soul being apart from your body for a while.

D Leonor’s Mizzy Coaster

resorts in davao city

An intense rise that you would want to shout, though it’s not that extreme compared to the Viking. Since there are only portions where the coaster is at speed. The Mizzy coaster is not so wide compared to others, but what makes it stand out is that, while riding on it. You can feel the warmth of the air and the view.

resorts in davao city

Mizzy coaster was designed for both adults and teens who like speed. It was a nice attraction since de Leonor’s place was really full of something that you would feel enjoyed.

D Leonor’s Ferris Wheel

d leonor inland resort rates

d leonor inland resort room rates 2018

Ferris Wheel is a ride wherein you can feel relaxed, if you wanted to loosen up, from having a thrill on the first two mentioned rides, this ride will give you a chill. This ride only cycles in a somewhat slow motion where I believe you can also let your kid be with you.

The best spot was being on the top, for you can see how wonderful the place is when you’re there. And for just 30php you will not be wasting your money for it will end in just enough time where you can say that it was satisfying.

D Leonor’s Bump Car

Compared to the listed above rides, this ride is the most expensive, why? Because it’s also the most enjoyable ride you can ever ride on, You can also enjoy this with your squad and relatives because you would want to chase them or you can make a race using it.

I’m pretty much sure that you have heard this elsewhere, but it’s a standout in d Leonor, since the staff was so nice and that they always make sure that you are having a good time while having your safety.

D Leonor’s Outdoor Activities


resorts in davao city

460m long sours from the ground, It’s somehow just same among the others for of course, while soaring high. You can appreciate the green and fresh air that you would imagine being a superhero for a while. The nice thing about here is that you have can go zip line with a partner, regardless of the gender

D Leonor’s ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

d leonor inland resort room rates 2018

This is actually the most famous and most wanted ride in d Leonor, However, it was quite expensive, but if you have a budget then I strongly recommend for you to try it. If you are a kind of person who seeks adventure very much, then this will fit you best.

d leonor inland resort and adventure park

ATV designed for those who wanted more, for those who wanted speed, for those who wanted to try an activity that is only limited, and for those who wanted to be at their happiest. Its also my personal favorite ride, since the staff was so nice, and I must say that a 15minute will not be enough because you would like to extend more.

D Leonor’s Wall climb

Yup, you got it right! Wall Climbing, sounds tiring but it was beyond fun! This can be your training ground if you’re planning to climb into high mountains, this can be your tool on achieving your ideal body shape, this can also be your escape when you’re thinking too much.

Wall Climb was designed for those people who wanted to sweat a lot, who wanted to feel an outdoor activity that would require strength and for those who are curious about what it feels to climb high.

Your money will be very worth it here, for you can enjoy climbing with friends, relatives with a guide and with safety.

D Leonor’s Cable Car

If you can’t dare take the Zipline, you can have another option to somehow float from the sky this is best with Families or Friends. You can see how secure and safe you will be based on the picture. This will also be a perfect option when you think so much, for nature helps you to be calm.

d leonor inland resort hotel rates

They also have :

Restaurants and cafe

d leonor inland resort website

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d leonor inland resort room rates 2018

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d leonor hotel inland resort

d leonor inland resort hotel rates


d leonor inland resort hotel rates

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d'leonor entrance fee 2018

They actually have more than the lists above. However; I just picked the bests coming from my own experience and from other testimonials and ratings.

Other might say it was somehow expensive, but try to think about other options. You won’t have nearly everything on only one stop, by that being stated. You will need to pay for more fares and you will have the burden by carrying your substantial packs.

Again, d Leonor offers almost everything that you would like to wish for, so if you’re planning to have a team building, a family reunion, a date, have a birthday celebration, or even giving someone a present, this will be your greatest option.