A Vacation of Serenity at Castelmonte Leisure Park

Humane as we all are, to search for serenity has been a priority to look forward to. Unknowingly, serenity and peace of mind could be found in God’s wonderful created natures. It is felt in the breeze of the sea and in the midst of the mountains.

Thus, one of the best places to experience such could be found in one of the World’s safest city of Davao, southern part in the country of Philippines, in Mindanao. Just along the highway of Davao leads to a higher cold place known as Buda, a name derived from the divided name of Bukidnon and Davao. Bukidnon would be the next region after Davao on these areas.

Buda has been developed in the present era with commercial resorts and rest houses. One of the long timed existed rest house there is Castelmonte Leisure Park. Slowly developed for two decades. Owned by a humble ordinary family man Noe Elizaga, having just a simple vision of a simple life. But the trick of its address is it is under the region of Arakan, Cotabato, another near region of this area. The national highway just happened to sway on the small boundary part of Cotabato and Davao. And thus, the resort belonged to Cotabato region, but both further ends of its highway belong to Davao.

Castelmonte Leisure Park – Cave


Castelmonte Leisure Park comprises a high peak land where visitors are urged trekking. From above, can be seen the natural curves of the mountains. The cold breeze of air is felt out there. The downward trekking also leads to a cave natural from Spaniards making. Wildflowers, herbs and the best sought ornamental plants bloom there. And even cactus plant survives its weather.

Castelmonte Leisure Park. Resthouse

At nightfall, a huge yellow rest house is available for lease. It has 8 Bedrooms, all in all, three found from the ground floor, four on the second floor and a studio type bedroom underground. Due to its province scenario, electricity goes off at night times giving nature its time. Water would be from rain. But potable water is available in sold bottles. It has also an establishment of Langub Café, which is open for everybody’s basic needs. Close and open as they say but the housekeeper would be a call away.

Castelmonte Leisure Park. Langub Coffee Shop


Along with its simple nature, grotto from a small cave has been developed. Children will have their pleasure of fun there too with the small children park. A little presence of other animals is raised there. But they come and go. There used to be Ostriches there that died along as their master owner died, the brother-in-law of the landowner. Wild deer were raised and sold there time and time. But local chicken goes around freely.

Nature has its own sound of music, gentle breeze that takes our breath away, views that leave us at awe. Waterfalls could be found on the neighboring resort, even in public lands where guest could freely go. Some neighboring resort made their own swimming pool which adds more attraction to visitors. Just something to add up on things to do out there. But the presence of oneself in Castelmonte Leisure Park are mostly urged for mediation. A time of calm thinking and meditations.

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