A Place to drop by in Maramag – Green Camp Convenience Store

A day’s travel to Cagayan de Oro City from Davao City can be tiring. However it can be exhaustive if popular destinations in Maramag, Bukidnon are visited where one can taste the food offered by its restaurants. Before entering the Poblacion area, a traveler may drop by in Green Camp Convenience Store and Flower Shop located at Purok 9, Camp 1, Maramag, Bukidnon. The place is just beside the national highway. It has all the pleasantness of a traveler, whether first time or habitual because of its facilities.  Camp 1 is one of the barangays and it has a population of more than 4,000 which is 4% of the total population of the municipality.

Green Camp Convenience Store

First, Green Camp has an entertainment area with a billiard pool section. The store offers a variety of products other than those ordinarily found in other convenience stores. These include products that are made in Bukidnon. But a traveler must first satisfy the stomach. This is done by sipping a cup of coffee, drinking a cold soft drink, munching snack foods or eating a fine breakfast. The latter combines rice and egg with a selection of meat products such as tocino or bacon. For alcoholic beverages, the store also offers beers, liquors, wines and a selection of other brands.

Second, Green Camp is attractive to both locals and passers-by because of its unique architectural design both in store and the flower shop. Most importantly the shop offers varieties of garden plants, flowers, shrubs and artificially dwarfed trees popularly known as bonsai. Garden plants include Anthurium, Bougainvilla, Bromeliads, Orchid, Pink Olasiman, Sampaguita, Santan, Waling Waling, among others. The triangular design of the housing is fascinating enough and can be a good background for a selfie or groupie if there’s no plan of picking a pack of flower or a shrub.

Green Camp Convenience Store – Other Amenities

Third, the billiard pool area has a dart board section that provides watchers with an alternative in case they get bored. The area is replete with wall decors reminiscent of a downtown drinking bar. There are tables and chairs where players can sip a beer or do some refreshments from the convenience store. Once the call of nature sets in, there’s a well-cleaned comfort room which can also be used for a shower. The pool area is just beside the store allowing for orders to be made conveniently with less hassle in both delivery and cleanup.

After a relaxing stay in the Green Camp  travelers can proceed to poblacion area. It is where offices and business establishments can be found. The Municipality of Maramag in the Province of Bukidnon is a 1st class municipality. It has a population of more than 102,000. It is 131.4 kms. from Davao City which is a 3-hour ride using a private car. Green Camp is roughly 4 kms. from the poblacion area. For those traveling in private cars, a stopover in Green Camp is worth a try. It will be a memorable experience in both refreshment and entertainment before hitting the road again.