Let’s talk about Holy Week in the Philippines

Originate from the introduction of Catholicism by the Spaniards, Philippines is now the most devoted Catholic country all over Asia. 95% of its population are Christians, and Christianity combines well with the faith, tradition and culture of the entire nation. That’s why many festivals and celebrations have originally from Christianity in the Philippines. One of these […]

Tarlac – Melting Pot Of Central Luzon

DESCRIPTION Tarlac is the most multicultural of the Central Luzon provinces. A mixture of four distinct groups, the Pampangos, Ilocanos, Pangasinenses, and Tagalogs, share life in the province. Tarlac is best known for its fine foods and vast sugar and rice plantations. That it has fine cooking to offer is due largely to the fact […]

Things to Do and see in Ifugao…

Okay, are you planning to go to Ifugao? Do you know where are you going, what to do and see in Ifugao Philippines? In this article, you will discover the Historical, Cultural, Natural, Man-Made, Festivals, and the special interest you can see in Ifugao Philippines.  Historical  Philippine War Memorial Shrine (Kiangan) Gigantic memorial shrine to […]