Lawi, Guimaras Sea Turtles: A Home For Marine Turtles

The Philippines is a nation which has a huge biodiversity all over its land and water areas; various species of plants and animals scatters in the country bringing its name to the world map of great biological ecosystem.  That’s why; it isn’t a surprise anymore to see different endangered species of animals that take the natural ecosystem of Philippines as their home.


In the province of Guimaras, people took the initiative to take care and help preserve endangered marine turtles by developing an area just for it.  In Baranggay Lawi, a sanctuary for green sea turtles and olive ridley sea turtles was developed by the Baranggay Lawi Tourism Council to help these animals to produce and live.  They take care of the sea turtles as these creatures goes to the island during mating season to lay eggs.  Then, they will protect the eggs which will eventually became young turtles and release them to the sea as they reach the right age.  The released sea turtles then go back to the island for mating and the cycle goes on.


The sea turtle rescue center accepts donations from tourists and visitors of the sanctuary for them to develop the place.  Aside from contributing in preserving these species of endangered turtles, this project can also help in promoting awareness to the people about the current delicate situation of these creatures.  Upon visiting the place, tourist may see the sea turtles and experience a close encounter with them.


Because of our personal interests, we, humans often time took for granted the gifts of nature surrounding us.  Not knowing that other creatures like the marine turtles were greatly affected by our activities.  That’s why, movements of preserving the nature and its habitants is a must to be done by us for the nature to be conserved and its residents to live peacefully in it.

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