5 Famous Places to be visited in Ifugao, Philippines

Banaue Rice Terraces

Dubbed as the “Eight Wonder of the World,” the Banaue Rice Terraces start from the base of the mountain range and reach up to several thousand feet high. It is said that their length, put end to end, would encircle half of the globe. Made 2,000 years ago, these rice terraces manifest the engineering skill and ingenuity of the sturdy Ifugaos. Streams and springs found in the mountains were tapped and channeled into irrigation canals that run downhill through the rice terraces.

  Batad Rice Terraces

Located at Barangay Batad in Banaue, these rice terraces are shaped like an amphitheater. The Batad Rice Terraces can be reached by a 12-kilometer ride from Banaue Hotel and a 2-hour hike uphill through mountain trails.

  Bangaan Rice Terraces

The rice terraces cluster and village both showcase the typical Ifugao community, where the livelihood activities are within the surroundings. The Bangaan Rice Terraces is accessible in a one-hour ride from Poblacion, Banaue then a 20-minute trek down to the village. It can be viewed best from the road to Mayoyao.

  Mayoyao Rice Terraces

These rice terraces can be found in Mayoyao, 44 kilometers away from Poblacion, Banaue. The Poblacion of Mayoyao lies in the midst of these rice terraces thus, upon arrival in the town, one is awed with a breathtaking view of the rice terraces, where all the dikes are tiered with flat stones.

  Hapao Rice Terraces

More of Ifugao’s world-famous stone-walled rice terraces can be found in the municipality of Hungduan. The Hapao Rice Terraces can be reached within 55 kilometers from the capital town of Lagawe.