What to do in Siargao?

If you want to visit Siargao then, you must read this Siargao Guide.

Siargao is one of the best gems the Philippines has for local and international tourists. That’s why you should learn What to do in Siargao through your island escapade.

It was once a secluded and unpopular island a few decades ago. But it’s a popular and favorite spot for many tourists today. That’s because of its fascinating sea waves, which have lured surfers from different parts of the world to the Island. 

Siargao is one of the best gems the Philippines has for local and international tourists. That’s why you should learn what to do in Siargao through your island escapade. It was once a secluded and unpopular island a few decades ago. But it’s a popular and favorite spot for many tourists today. That’s because of its fascinating sea waves, which have lured surfers from different parts of the world to the Island. 

So Ok, What to do in Siargao?

And there are more things to do in Siargao aside from riding breathtaking waves. These are attractions, many local and international tourists love when traveling to the Philippines. 

The landscapes of Siargao conquer even before landing or disembarking. It will greet you regardless of you traveling by plane from Cebu or Manila, or on a boat from Surigao. Its vibrant green color because of palms and mangroves is easily noticeable from a distance as you approach. 

Yes, Siargao has lots of stuff you should see and enjoy. But riding through its roads and villages would satisfy your escapade to the fullest. Infinite palm groves, sandy beaches, mangroves, lagoons, waterfalls, natural pools, desert islands, and, above all, a very cozy town are all waiting for you. That’s why we are addicted to Siargao and even visited it twice! 

And to provide all essential info and updates about Siargao, we’ve spent three days traveling through its roads for you. So, read on and learn what to do in Siargao, among other vital points. 

How many Days do you need in Siargao for a Satisfying Escapade? 

What to do in Siargao
Guyam Island, Siargao, The Philippines – Aerial Photograph

What to do in Siargao? Soooooo much….

Having doubts on what to do in Siargao? We will give big reasons on why you should spend ample amount of time on the Island. Here’s our suggested distribution of days in Siargao

  1. Go island-hopping through Daku + Guyam + Naked islands. You can include Mam’um and Corregidor islands as options too. 
  2. Hop on an island motorcycle tour through Magpupungko + Boardwalk of Cloud 9 
  3. Sugba Lagoon + Kawhagan Island + Sunset in Del Carmen 
  4. Sohoton or Corregidor or Malinao Beaches. There are many other options too. 
  5. Enjoy the beaches of General Luna or Malinao. Go surfing if you want as well. 
Philippines, Siargao Island, 22.July.2019. Tourists visit magpupungko natural rock pools in Siargao Philippines

Still confuse on what to do in Siargao?

Also, it’s best to visit Siargao during July, August, and September. These months fall on the peak of the dry season in the Philippines with a favorable and pleasant climate. That’s what we’ve talked about in the articles “best time to travel to the Philippines”, “travel to the Philippines in July” “travel to the Philippines in August”.  And these weather factors make such months perfect for our suggested things to do in Siargao in a getaway. 

Now, read on, so you’d get some ideas about what to do in Siargao while planning for your vacation. 

What to Do Siargao – Guide 2020 

Rent a Motorcycle and Ride it through the Island 

There are so many things you have to do in Siargao. And you would fully appreciate its beauty when you enjoy it slowly through motorcycle tours. Thankfully, there are motorcycles for rent available in the Island, which is also the best way to see what to do in Siargao as a whole. 

Think of driving through roads lined with fascinating palm trees. That’s while viewing magnificent natural and town sceneries as well. You can drive to Alegria, which is the northernmost area of the Island, or go south to Del Carmen. Whichever route you’re planning to take, you’ll experience a smooth and comfortable ride because There is hardly any traffic and the roads are in good condition. 

There are two options in enjoying motorcycle rides in the Island. It’s either touring the whole Island quickly in a day, or divide your travel into a few days. And the latter is the better choice. 

If you choose the second option, you can begin by traveling from General Luna to the Taktak Falls, with a stop at the Palm Viewpoint (see location here), the Maasin River, and its famous palm tree on Instagram now, Pacific, Pilar, Magpupungko, Burgos and Joy. Definitely, you should include this in your list of what to do in Siargao. Also, Alegría is the best beach on the Island of Siargao and is unique because tides don’t affect its beach. 

A motorcycle in Siargao is available for around 350 pesos each day of rent. But you can negotiate its price a bit when you plan to bring it on the road for a few days. 

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uhmm…. still thinking on what do to in Siargao?

Enjoy Surf or Learn in Siargao 

Planning to go surfing in the Philippines? Siargao is the best spot to visit, which is the surfing capital of the country. It offers the best waves such as the Cloud 9, and other surfing spots such as the Cemetery, Pacific, Daku Reef, Stimpy’s, Rock Island, Quicksilver, and Secret Spot. Moreover, big international surfing events are also organized in the Island annually. 

Being a beginner isn’t a worry on the Island too. There are many surf schools and instructors who can help you learn. They usually charge 500 pesos for an hour of surfing lessons, which includes the board you’d use. And there are many surf spots for beginners in Siargao as well, such as the Daku IslandJacking HorseTuason Point, and the Secret Spot

Also, you can rent a surfboard in what to do in Siargao if you haven’t brought your own. Prepare around 200 pesos for it. But you can pull down the rates if you lease it for a few days. 

September to November are the best months to enjoy the waves in Siargao. Go directly to Cloud 9, Burgos Bay, Pacifico, and Tuason Point during this season. Stimpy’s and Pilar are your best beaches from December to March. Finally, note that April to August usually has smaller waves but is still enjoyable for surfing if you want. 

Take a Dip in the Natural Pools of Magpupungko 

Another what to do in Siargao through an escapade. The natural pools of Magpupungko are accessible at low tide, so be sure to check your tide table before going. The rising water on a high tide would make the natural pools almost impossible to reach. 

Visiting the nearby beach is something what to do in Siargao too. The natural pools have a beach nearby, which is perfect for relaxation even during low tide. Moreover, you can also spot a restaurant, snack stands, and sellers of bukos or coconuts around Magpupungko. So, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry or thirsty while in the area. 

As an important note, the entrance fee to the Natural Pools costs 50 pesos. Pay an additional 50 pesos to park your motorcycle as well. 

Enjoy Island Hopping: Naked, Daku and Guyam Islands 

Remember that the Philippines is made up of thousands of islands. So, no wonder why it’s best to know the surrounding islands of what to do in Siargao through your getaway. And the islands in the area are some of the best you should see all over the country. 

There are travel agencies that offer tours through the best islands around Siargao for 1000 pesos for each person. But when talking about what to do in Siargao, you should try checking out the Port of General Luna. There you can take a Bangka, which is the local boat, in the Philippines for only 1,500 pesos for up to 6 people. These boats can bring you to the wonderful Guyam, Daku, and Naked islands. 

There is a market near the port where you can purchase supplies conveniently. They can cook what you’ve bought for small rates as well. Also, note that you need to pay 100 pesos to reach Daku Island on full boat, and 50 pesos for Guyam.  

See more info about this in our article about Island Hopping in Siargao

The tour usually kicks off from the Naked Island. It’s named such because it’s a mere lump of sand without any tree on it. So, you can’t find any shades while on it. But its calm water would easily lure you for a dip. 

Daku Island, Siargao, The Philippines – Aerial Photograph

Next, you’ll enjoy a long stopover at Daku Island. This fabulous island features many tree shades where you can lie down and relax. It also has cabins where you can eat. Of course, it has a stretch of beach as well. 

Finally, the last stop is at Guyam Island. This is a picturesque small island filled with palm trees. It also features small rocks and white sand by the beach. Think of little islands you often see on postcards. 

For around 3,000 pesos, you can ride on a bangka or local boat at the Port of General Luna. That will take you to the three islands mentioned earlier, plus to the less popular Mam’un Island. And when you think of what to do in Siargao while avoiding the crowd, this island hopping is your best option. 

Be Careful: These islands are popular choices for people during the Philippine holidays, and large crowds fill them quickly. Also, note that Siargao goes more and more popular each day, and we don’t want to give you any false expectations. 

Yes, we have enjoyed these spots before, but we know they change as time passes by. It’s best to do an updated search while using our guide as your reference. That would help you know about Siargao right before coming. 

Get to Know the Mangroves of Del Carmen, Sugba Lagoon and the Spectacular Kawhagan Island 

Thinking of the best excursions what to do in Siargao? Be sure to put the town of Del Carmen on your list. Here you’d see a long expanse of mangroves while riding on a Bangka to reach the Sugba Lagoon—the most famous lagoon in the area. It features turquoise water cradled by huge limestone rock formations and is perfect for cliff diving, kayaking or to learn paddle surfing. 

But your trip wouldn’t be complete without reaching Kawhagan Island. This is the last stop for such a tour. It features a lump of sand in the midst of turquoise seawater, which makes it an alluring consideration for what to do in Siargao. Here you can enjoy lying under shades of palm trees, play volleyball and other beach activities, or have a great time in the water. 

You can enjoy this tour by booking in a travel agency. But it’s cheaper to do by yourself. Just go to the Del Carmen Pier, and pay around 1,500 pesos per boat, which can cater up to six people. You should pay an additional 100 pesos to reach Sugba Lagoon. 

If you want to add Kawhagan Island and Pamomoan Beach to your itinerary, pay 2,200 pesos. Plus, prepare 100 pesos for each person or 150 pesos for each boat. 

Try Coconut Bread 

Siargao is undeniably a gastronomic paradise that offers many different dishes. Different restaurants have emerged in the Island these past years, which cater to both local and international cuisines. And we’ve put them together in the section where to eat in Siargao

But don’t miss to try the coconut bread which is made through woodfired ovens. And these ovens are fired using coconut too. Go to the town of General Luna about 3:00 in the afternoon to buy before they run out. 

Pay a Visit to the Unknown Corregidor Island 

Probably you haven’t heard about Corregidor Island in Siargao yet since this is one of the new additions to excursions around the area. When you come, it’s hard not to notice its green slopes dotted with slender palm trees. You can explore around the area, and enjoy the scenic views of Siargao, Daku and Naked Islands. And if you’re curious about what to do in Siargao, be sure to enjoy the wonderful beach of Corregidor, which is perfect for snorkeling and swimming as well. 

To reach and enjoy Corregidor, you can book a trip to a travel agency which is about 1,500 pesos for each person. But you can make a more straightforward deal by going to the Dapa Pier, just beside the fishermen’s market. Here you can book a boat for only 1,500 pesos, which can carry a few people at once. Then, prepare 20 pesos for entrance fee to Corregidor Island, and 100 pesos for anchoring the boat. 

Be careful, however, because many have told us that they’re required to pay 300 pesos for a tour guide. But we haven’t paid such amount during our visit. You can check more about this island tour here

Discover Sohoton Cove National Park 

A trip to the Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande (Socorro) is the farthest yet one of the best excursions Siargao can offer. The area features a group of magnificent caves and lagoons, cradled by limestone rocks. This makes the place look similar to the landscapes of El Nido and Del Carmen. 

The escapade includes other stops as well, such as in the Lake Tiktikan, which is a Blue LagoonCrystal CaveMagkuku-ob or Bolitas Cave, and the Hagukan Cave

In the Tojoman Cave, you will meet the popular non-poisonous jellyfish—the Papuas Mastiffs. And if seeing them is included in your to do in the Siargao list, you should note that they’re not present all-year-round. Be sure to time your trip from March to June. But the population of these creatures has dropped these days significantly. That’s why the management doesn’t allow many people to come near the jellyfish to avoid harm. 

The trip to Sohoton is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Siargao. And you have three options for such a tour. Choose the most suitable choice for the number of people in your group. 

Sohoton Cove, Siargao, The Philippines – Aerial Photograph
  • Economic Option – Head to Dapa Pier and ride on a boat to Socorro, which only costs 100 pesos. But be sure to come to the port at 7:30 am to avoid missing the schedule of the visiting center. In Socorro, prepare around 2,000 pesos for a boat that can carry up to 10 people. Rates include 200 pesos for each person, 100 for the boat itself, 500 for entrance fee of the boat to Sohoton, 165 for each tour guide (each boat have two), and 20 for each cave you’d visit. We suggest spending overnight in Socorro before returning to Siargao the next day. 
  • Intermediate Option – There are complete ships available from General Luna or Dapa, which can bring you to Sohoton. They cost around 3,500 pesos for a vessel that can carry up to 4 people, and won’t spend a night in the destination. Also, you should pay the additional rates mentioned earlier. 
  • Face Option – You can book for a Sohoton tour in a travel agency. But it would cost you around 2,300 pesos for each person, although it’s inclusive of food and all fees. 

There are other things you should include in your list of what to do in Siargao while in Sohoton. The Tara Island Resort Club is one of the best choices, which is a picturesque resort with sea cabins. This is great for an affordable overnight stay.  

Go Deep into Bayangban Cave Pool 

Yes, Siargao has plenty of saltwater and beaches. But if you want to enjoy a different body of water, the Tayangban Cave Pool is a perfect option. It features a fresh, natural pool for only 120 pesos entrance fee, and you can reach it with the help of a guide. Consider including it in your itinerary to Magpupungko because it’s along the way. 

Take a Dip in Taktak Falls, the Siargao Waterfalls 

We’ve mentioned earlier that a motorcycle ride would let you enjoy Siargao to the fullest. But such a tour in Siargao wouldn’t be complete if you won’t travel from General Luna through the east coast. That’s because such a route would take you to Taktak Falls. 

This waterfall is a perfect spot for swimming and knowing more about the locals. Also, it’s quite developed so tourists can enjoy a more comfortable dip. 

Enjoy the Nights of the Island 

Siargao isn’t just about beaches and day trips. It’s a perfect spot for night enjoyment, as well. Here you can spot many places to have a drink until late at night. Also, you’d notice locals often take turns in coming up with nightlife. 

For example, Mondays and Wednesdays mean live music in rum bars. Jugle Disco is a must every Tuesdays and Fridays. Head to Hot Spot every Thursday, and the Wind of the Sea is also open on Fridays. Then, visit Bravo and Kityas during Sundays. 

Watch the Sunset from the Cloud 9 Pier 

There are many surfing spots in Siargao. But Cloud 9 is the center of attraction and is also the best wave all over the Philippines. That’s why you should see it even if you don’t have any plans of hopping on aboard. After all, you can watch it by the Boardwalk while expert surfers play on the waves. 

The spot is also a great place to watch the sunset by the shore. Before, you can come for free, but since 2018, you need to pay a small fee of 50 pesos. 

Contribute to Siargao Community 

It’s easy to love the fabulous Island of Siargao. And you can help with its development, or give some contributions to the locals. And there are a few great ways to do it through several associations and NGOs in the Island. These are groups that are formed for the welfare of the locals, and for maintenance and cleanliness of the environment. 

You can begin with your what to do in Siargao by communicating with the SEA Movement. They help by collecting garbage every week. Nature Kids and Siargao Masaya are both groups for kids. But the first aims to organize different children’s workshops, and they need more volunteers. While the latter aims to support the education of children, and they seek to provide school materials too. 

Enjoy the Beaches of Malinao Area 

Many beaches in Siargao are fabulous. But those in the south are mostly inconvenient to enjoy because you need to walk a considerable distance just for a dip, especially on low tide. It doesn’t mean, however, that beaches on the Island aren’t great for you, such as those in Alegria. Just be sure to choose the beaches in Malinao if you want to go south. 

Check out the shore from the Surfing Carabao to the Sandy Feet, especially on a high tide. Here you can spot magnificent rows of coconut trees and fascinating forest landscape. And you don’t have to worry about the large crowd too. 

Map of Siargao Island 

Keep this map while planning for your Siargao vacation. Here you can see the best things to do on the Island, and locations of the best hotels, restaurants and bars. 

Useful Information about Siargao you should Take Note 

How to Get to Siargao 

There are many options for you to reach Siargao. To guide you, check out our article about how to get to Siargao . This would help you reach and enjoy the Island conveniently. 

Where to Sleep in Siargao 

Aside from knowing what to do in Siargao, you should know where to stay through your getaway, as well. The problem is, it’s quite difficult to find cozy yet affordable accommodations because of Siargao’s popularity for tourists. To help you, here are the best hotels we suggest you should check out: 

  • Avocado Tree Hostel – This is a new hostel located in the town of General Luna. Note that such a town is one of the centers of attraction of Siargao, which means you’d have great accessibility to other sites. This hostel is perfect if you travel by yourself.  
  • Villa Pagoda Resort – Another great option sitting in the town of General Luna, which means you can reach other locations on the Island easily from here. As a bonus, this resort is located by the shore so you’d get to enjoy cool seawater easily. Some rooms even have stunning Seaview for you to enjoy and are equipped with terracita. And these are all large cozy rooms which are not that expensive. 
  • Isla Cabana Resort – Another beachfront hotel you can go in Siargao. It also has its own two infinity pools for guests to enjoy. Moreover, it offers large and comfy modern cabins, which makes it one of our favorite recommendations. 

These are our top accommodation recommendations you should try. But these options usually go full easily because of the crowd of tourists on the Island. That’s why to read our article on sleeping what to do in Siargao you will find the best accommodations to stay. This is important to help you enjoy your list of what to do in Siargao through your escapade. 

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