The Classic Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream SPF 42 PA+++


Missha Perfect Cover Bb Cream  SPF 42 PA +++ has been around for a while now and still, a lot of make-up lovers and the like are still impressed and is addicted using this bb cream product. To my surprise, Missha is now trending globally and is visible in almost all countries around the world. Countries like Canada, Australia, China, New York and many more. In the Philippines, Missha outlets is physically visible in almost all department stores nationwide. And being just a bb cream it covers usage up to old ages with no hassles and no worries.


Let’s discover what’s the hype of this product. Missha M Perfect Cover bb Cream SPF 42 PA++++


This Bb Cream is the combination of the best formulas that is perfect for everyday use and suitable for all skin type. It has a natural lightweight coverage and you can still build it to medium coverage while providing sun protection, heals post acne scarring, dark spots, preventing wrinkles and other imperfections. The product comes in 50 ml size, tube type packaging with a pump. 1 pump is usually more than sufficient, when you swatch the product it has this formula that has a natural looking coverage which is perfect for all skin type.

It has 4 available shades in the Philippines like Shade # 13 and #21-the first 2 lightest among the shades and has pink undertone a very good which is a very good pair shade for light skin tones. The other available shade # 23is little a bit darker compared to the first two shades but is perfect for fair to medium skin tone. The shade #27 is the darkest shade among the four shades and has a cool tone.

If you are an “on the go* type of person, then this is the best and perfect product for you. It is very easy and handy beside just simply follow the simple steps in applying the product. For everyone, it is always rightful doing the usual basic skincare routine, then rightly pump out an appropriate amount of Missha bb product. Dab the product gently onto the parts of your face and use the tips of your finger to even out and smoothens the product all over your face. You can also build the coverage of the product by lightly tapping over any problem areas. Set with powder for the matte finish if desired.

For our information  Missha perfect cover bb cream is a Korean product that has sold 30 million bottles worldwide and very in demand up to now. One can still purchase this product in their physical stores in Asia, USA, Australia, Canada and etc. It is also available in online shops like Amazon, Lazada, Shoppe, Beautymnl, Althea and many more. This product is a bit pricey but it’s all worth it, just be careful with the fake Missha perfect cover bb cream SPF 42 PA+++ for the fake product of this may damage your skin and can cause you harm.

Amazing wonder why this Missha perfect cover bb cream is still on trend in the make-up industry. For aside of its best of both worlds formula, it has this magic that once you use the product onto your skin the skin looks young looking, glowing and healthy, and it is also perfect for adventure and travels. Grab your Missha perfect cover bb cream and go and wander around the world. J

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