Libtong Volcanic Crater: A Hot Experience

The Philippine archipelago is included in an area at the Pacific called the “Pacific Ring of Fire.  It is an area at the Pacific where most volcanic activities like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.  More than 20 of the active volcanoes in the said area are located in our country.  That is why, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes takes place in the Philippines from time to time.

Libtong VolcanicBut, not all volcanic activities and active volcanoes always bring destruction and fear to people.  Like Mount Mayon in Bicol, Mount Taal in Tagaytay and Mount Kanlaon in Negros, these active volcanoes has unique characteristics to give for the people living around them and for the tourists visiting them.

Libtong Volcanic hot springIn a small island in Visayas called the province of Biliran, many volcanoes can be found giving it the label of being a volcanic island.  In the town of Naval, Biliran, the Libtong Volcanic Crater can be found.  Identified as an active volcano, Libtong gives off heat enough for numbers of springs all over the area to become sulfuric hot springs.  Labeled as one of the four thermal areas in Biliran (the other three were Panamao thermal area and Anas thermal area at North Biliran and the Kalambis thermal area at the south), Libtong has mainly 12 hot springs and one bubbly pool for the people to experience.

Bumpy rugged road will be passed on to reach the crater in Naval.  After a steep hike down a hill, strong odor of sulfuric steams from the ground will welcome the tourists.  The Libtong Volcanic Crater will be a very hot experience for its visitors starting from the steamy hot ground to its boiling springs.

The Libtong crater is a proof that not all volcanoes are always destructive.  Many can also provide benefit for humans for their needs and for their leisure times.