Kopiat Island: Precious Simplicity

Do you know where is Kopiat Island? Many beautiful spots of mother nature all over the world were already spoiled by technology and advancing human activities.  The Philippines was not an exception to this deterioration of various natural resources but at the same time, several precious spots were also kept glowing; simply at the midst of human carelessness.

kopiat island
kopiat island

A few hours away from Davao City, in the province of Compostella Valley, Now it’s Davao de Oro an inhabited island named Kobiat hides on the waters of the municipality of Mabini.  Unspoiled by irresponsible tourism brought by commercialization, the unique 87hectare-island simply expresses how beautiful nature can be with only very minimum human intervention.  No electricity, no houses, no buildings and not even a single vendor can be spotted within the island.

Kopiat Island is your New Favorite!

Only coconut trees and different kinds of mangroves serves as decorations on the island with few tables for picnics and camping’s. But, these are just the outside view of its picture.  The Kobiat island cradles the endangered species of turtles namely the hawksbills and leatherbacks; two of the five species of marine turtles that can be found in our country.  Diving under the water surface of the island, numerous kinds of marine species can be seen.  Starting from fishes and other aquatic animals to various coral reefs, the site is a perfect spot for divers and snorkelers to enjoy.

Touring around the island is possible for 15minutes on a pump boat.  This may give glimpses of the rich ecosystem underneath the crystal-clear seawater.  One can also stroll within the island for 45minutes and found a 7-hectare lagoon hidden in it.

A Summer Beachfest is also conducted annually at the area to promote ecotourism and protection of wildlife and marine life in the island.  This event is supported by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) which include the Kobiat Island to its list of protected areas and wildlife habitat.

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