IKEA Philippines: What You Need to Know

The IKEA Philippines Jeep at SM MOA during the media launch

Author: Farah Rarugal

In case you haven’t heard yet, IKEA Philippines will soon be opening its first store in Manila! The official announcement was made on Tuesday, November 20, when IKEA held a meatball-filled media launch at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, where the store will be built.

The Swedish furniture giant will set up shop at the SM Mall of Asia, linked to the main mall and situated between the SM MOA Arena and the SMX Convention Center. Construction has already begun and according to IKEA itself, it is envisioned to be the world’s largest IKEA branch. We would have to wait for a few more years though before we explore its aisles, as IKEA Manila will officially open its doors in late 2020.

Make sure to invest in good shoes, as the store is said to be 65,000-square-meters in size – which is roughly the equivalent of 150 basketball courts! With that, IKEA Philippines will be making history as SM’s largest tenant ever. Its humongous size is due to the fact that the e-commerce facility, warehouse, and call center will be housed in the store as well.

IKEA furniture is widely known for its well-designed, functional, and cheap home furnishings, making it a household name in that department. But IKEA officials have been brewing something special for its Filipino customers. George Platzer, the market development manager of IKEA in Southeast Asia, said that the IKEA team has been studying how Filipinos live so they can address the market properly. Among many others, they found out that most Filipinos have limited space and that there are often many people living under one roof. Hence, the focus of the brand will be on providing solutions to these common space problems through IKEA furniture, so Filipinos could live a sustainable and far better-organized life.

The façade of IKEA Singapore

ikea philippines

Source: CNN PH

Another great news is that IKEA Philippines is looking into hiring around 500 Filipino workers initially, but that number will surely grow as opportunities expand and as more support is needed for its day to day operations. There will also be 9,000 products to be offered, so you better do some spring cleaning and make room for your future IKEA merchandise.

It is guaranteed that a population of shoppers will have kids with them when they shop, and no you wouldn’t want them near anything fragile! Well, IKEA Manila has clearly thought this through, as the store will be having a supervised playroom exclusively for kids where the parents could leave them while they shop at their heart’s desire. Talk about convenience, right?

Going hungry in the middle of your shopping would be no problem at all because you wouldn’t even have to leave the store to fill your stomach. There will be a restaurant inside IKEA Manila that will sell a variety of food and the infamous Swedish meatballs, which has become IKEA’s trademark.

With all the seemingly positive things that we’ve heard about IKEA, here’s to hoping that it will deliver on its promise: that of bringing functional and durable products to its customers, all while maintaining its affordability – a primary factor that Filipinos consider before making a purchasing decision.

We’re sure you can’t wait to wander around the IKEA Philippines store. Share this story with your friends and let them know how excited you are!

Happy Wandering!

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