6 Best Hike Destinations for A Beginner According to I Wander Philippines

Here are the 6 Best Hike Destinations for A Beginner According to I Wander Philippines near Davao City. Hike While You Can!!

1. Mundo Hill and Jordan Falls in Barangay Gumitan, Marilog

Mundo Hill in Barangay Gumitan, Marilog

A nice view during our descend

I Wander Philippines

I Wander Philippines Owner, Michelle Grace Toledo

Hike to Jordan Falls

How to Get There (DIY Davao to Marilog)

Mundo Hill is located in Barangay Gumitan Marilog. From Davao City, there is a bus bound to Marilog. Tell the driver to drop you off at Sitio Balite going to Barangay Gumitan. From there, you can haggle for a motorcycle to reach Barangay Gumitan. The fare is around 100 or less, depending on the driver. Then from Barangay Gumitan, you can ask for a guide if you want one. The guide fee is 500, again you can haggle because there is no fixed rate for the guide fee. If you been to Mundo Hill and know the trail already, you have an option not to get a guide.

From Mundo Hill to Jordan Falls

There are motorcycles available when reached the foot of Mundo Hill. Tell the driver to drop you at Eagle’s Ridge. That is the entry point to Jordan Falls. Pay 10.00 for a registration fee.

Going Back to Davao from Marilog

From Eagle’s Ridge Highway, waiting for a bus bound to Davao City.

Estimated DIY Budget

Bus Bound to Marilog – 220.00 (estimated, 180.00 way back 2017)
Motorcycle Going to Barangay Gumitan – 100.00
Guide Fee – 500.00 (Optional)
Food – 500.00 each (estimated for the whole duration of climb)
Motorcycle Going to Eagle’s Ridge – 50.00 (You can add more if you’re kind-hearted)
Jordan Falls Registration Fee – 10.00
Bus Bound to Davao – 220.00
Total – 1600

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2. Mt. Kalatungan & Mt. Lumpanag 

Mt. Kalatungan is the fifth highest mountain in the Philippines with an elevation of 2,880 meters above sea level. It is a major climb with difficulty level of 8 out of 9, trail class 3-4 and features tribal domain, mossy forest, and endangered species. Here is the complete itinerary by WayPH

Mt. Kalatungan Peak


Mt. Lumpanag Summit

It took them 6 hours or less to reach the summit from the junction in Mt. Kalatungan. The trail was more of assault, difficult especially in Buku-Buko sa Anay. You’ll encounter huge tree trunks on the trail and need to climb up. We reached Muleta Falls but no clearing. Heavy rains started again giving us more body chills. Upon arrival on the summit, a few photo ops, pitched tents, cooked dinner and no time to socialize due to heavy rains. At night it became very cold due to the strong wind. The summit was an open place thus wind blows directly to our tents

I Wander Philippines

Raincoat Poncho

Things to Bring

* Tent that can withstand strong wind and cold weather condition
* Sleeping bag
* Comfortable trekking shoes with good grip for Women
* Comfortable trekking shoes with good grip for Men
* Backpack with rain cover / Assault bag
* Warm clothing /fleece socks/gloves
* Trail Foods / Energy Foods (jelly ace, dried nuts, chocolates)
* Water Bottle / Sports Drink
* Plastic Bag / Trash Bag
* Personal Medications / First Aid Kit
* Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lip balm etc.)
* Lightweight towel
* Sun Protection / Armsleeves / Insect Repellant
* Mess Kit / Drinking Cup / Spork
* Rain Gear / Rain Jacket / Poncho
* Headlamp/flashlight with extra batteries
* Fleece Jacket / Windbreaker jacket/rain jacket
* Extra Outdoor Clothes
* Mobile Phone
* Camera & Batteries
* Trekking Pole/s (optional)
* Whistle
* Sandals / Slippers
* Cap / Beanie / Scarf
* Extra pocket money
* Identification Card

7 pcs Camping Mess Kit Silverware/Dinnerware Set Camping Eating Cutlery Utensils for 2 Person Backpacking Gear( Fork, chopsticks,Spoon, Bowl, Case ) Perfect for Hiking, Outdoors, Travel, Picnics


Sample Budget Per Person

Davao-Maramag Bus 230.00
Motorcycle to Mendis Gym 200.00
Food Budget 3D2N 1000
PDA Event Fee (Cert and Drifit Shirts) 2000
Motorcycle from Mendis Gym to Maramag Bus Terminal 200.00
Maramag-Davao Bus 230.00
Total 3860

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3. Datu Sicao Falls, Tamayong, Calinan

DIY Dayhike in Datu Sicao Falls, Tamayong, Calinan

Sample DIY Dayhike Itinerary (Davao City Starting Point)

4:00 AM Davao City Assembly time
5:00 AM ETA Calinan, Buyzone Store (Terminal bound to Sicao Village)
6:00 AM ETA Sicao Village Entry Point
7:00 AM ETA Sicao Village (Registration)
7:30 AM Start Trek
10:00AM ETA Sitio Utan
11:30 AM ETA Datu SIcao Falls
12:00 NN Lunch
1:00 PM Daragdag Falls
1:30PM ETD Sicao Falls
2:30PM ETA Sitio Utan
5:00 PM ETA Sicao Village
6:00PM ETA Sicao Village Entry Point
7:00 PM ETA Calinan proper
9:00 PM Home sweet home

Budget Per Person

L300 Van bound to Calinan 25.00
Motorcycle to Sicao Village Entry Point 100.00
Registration Fee 100.00
Guide Fee 500 (divided by group) But we gave 200.00 each so 600.00 for our guide
Estimated Food Budget 200.00
Motorcycle Back to Calinan Proper 200.00
Dinner 130
L300 Van bound to Davao 25
Total 980

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To book your Mt. Kalatungan traverse Mt. Wiji hike with unlimited coffee and food, kindly contact Kaplag Adventours,

Mobile Number: 09102037455

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4. Matigol Falls in Arakan Valley, Cotabato

Going to Matigol Falls is an hour and a 47-minute drive from Davao City via Buda road. Turn left at Campo Uno, Katipunan Road and drop off at Barangay Matigol. You can also take a bus going to Buda with a P100+ fare and drop off at Campo Uno, Katipunan Road. Then, Ride a Habal-habal Motorcycle going to the village for only P100.

Climbing Matigol Falls in Arakan Valley, Cotabato


5. Lake Holon, T’boli South Cotabato – Kule Traverse Salacafe

Travel Guide to Lake Holon, T’boli South Cotabato – Kule Traverse Salacafe

Lake Holon is accessible through two trails, Salacafe and Kule. Salacafe is the easier trail which only takes 3-4 hours to the lake. Kule, however, is the more difficult trail which takes to about 5-6 hours to Lake Holon. Read I Wander Philippines Full Post Here

6. Puting Bato Traverse Canibad with Sidetrip Caving

Mt. Puting Bato is recognized as the highest point of Samal Island, Davao del Norte with an elevation of approximately 410 MASL or 1,345 feet. It is dubbed a minor hike, making it an ideal hiking spot for beginners. Mt. Puting Bato is named as such because of its white limestone wall – its white peak visible in quite a few parts of Davao City.

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