25 Best Travel Gifts for Dads for 2019


My father is my greatest teacher and I have lived a wonderful life because of his hard work and sacrifices for our family. Before I came to know and love Spider-man, Superman, Batman, and others he was the very first superhero I have loved and adore. There are many types in the world and just like me, I know you love your dad. My dad is tricky to shop for that’s why I created this list of best travel gifts for dad. If you still are not sure what gift to give your dad on his birthday then you have found the right gift guide because this list of gift ideas for dads who love to travel would be a great help. I have put together a list of 25 presents all dad will love.

Here are the 25 Best Travel Gifts for Dad

  1. Silicone Collapsible Coffee Cup Tea Water Cups Mug

If your dad is a coffee of tea guy then this silicon collapsible mug would be his perfect travel buddy. He will not have to bring any bulky coffee or tea mug with him but this. The exquisite packaging makes this mug one of the best gifts for the traveling dad.

2. Waterproof Watch

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You can never go wrong when giving a watch as a gift. Another item to add on the list of gift ideas for the traveling dad is a waterproof watch. This will be perfect for all our beloved dad especially to those who love swimming, snorkeling, sailing and other water sports.

3. Automatic Pro 3G Connected Car Adapter

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source: amazon.com

This car adapter is one of the must-have travel gift ideas for dad. It allows you to track fuel efficiency, the cost of gas per trip and even the car’s exact location if ever it gets stolen. Sounds like every dad would be so happy to receive this as a gift.

4. A Pair of New Shoe

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One of the perfect gifts for dad who travel for work is a pair of new shoes. You just have to make sure that this is very comfortable and in his style zone for him to love it.

5. A Multi-Tool

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source: amazon.com

Practicality never goes out of style that is why this multi-tool is included in the list of gift ideas for the traveling dad. Help your dad a ready for anything traveler with this multi-tool. It is a perfect gift for dads who love to go camping, fishing, survival, hunting, and any other outdoor activities.

6. A Money Belt

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If your dad is paranoid to the max of being pickpocketed like mine then this should be on top travel gifts for him. Give him a peace of mind while he is on travel.

7. A Portable Charger

If your dad is always on the phone while traveling a portable charger can be a part of your birthday, father’s day or Christmas gift ideas for traveling dad. Don’t let any of his electronics ran out of power.

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source: bestbuy.com

8. Good Luggage

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Added to the list of good travel gifts for dad is a piece of good luggage. Make sure to give him a long-lasting carry-on built to keep him organized and comfortable.

9. Digital Luggage Scale

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source: digitalscalesaz.com

This digital luggage scale will be a perfect combo for the good luggage to give as one of father’s day travel gifts. This will help him to never pay extra fees for his overstuffed suitcase.

10. Baby Carrier for Dads

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source: tacticalbabygear.com

If you happen to know someone or has a friend who is a new dad that has the love for travel, you can include this in the list of for a perfect birthday or Christmas gift ideas for traveling dad.

11. Mini Bluetooth/GPS Tracker

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source: amazon.com

This is another item perfect Christmas gift ideas for traveling dad. A handy tracker that your dad can attach to his wallet or luggage. It has an anti-lost mode. If it ever gets lost it will show where it was last detected through your phone.

12. Travel Neck Pillow

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source: amazon.com

Keep your dads head stable with the help of a travel neck pillow. This will prevent neck cramps and back pain throughout his journey. A perfect father’s day gift traveling dad.

13. Sleep Mask



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source: ebay.com

Giving a gift to your dad doesn’t have to be expensive. Let your dad have a good nap when traveling by giving him a personalized sleeping mask. A simple yet very useful personalized gifts for daddy from daughter.

14. A Travel Wallet

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source: thejournalshop.com.au

If your dad is one of the kings of “just in case” and loves to bring with him lots of cards and ID’s then this travel wallet is perfect and practical for him. A must-have travel gifts for dad.

15. A Camera

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There are dads who love to take photos while traveling. A camera is one of many good travel gifts for dad.

16. Portable Workout Equipment

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source: menshealth.com

Keeping in shape when traveling can be a problem especially for dads who love to hit the gym every now and then. Don’t forget to include this in your options for travel gift ideas for dads.

17. A Led Flashlight

source: amazon.com

Dads love flashlights because they come in very handy in emergency situations like power outrage or roadside emergencies.  A gift that any dad will love to receive on his birthday or Christmas.

18.  Survival Fire Starter Tool

source: amazon.com

A dad who loves to go fishing, hunting or hiking will surely appreciate receiving this as a gift. this all in one fire starter kit with compass and whistle will be best gifts for the traveling dad.

19. Noise Cancellation Headset

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For dads who love to travel for business or leisure, a noise cancellation headset would be a good travel gift. This will be of great use in the plane when the baby starts crying and will give him comfort for the long flights.

20. Sunglasses

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A new pair of shades can be list as one of the best gifts for traveling dads. Sunglasses are always stylish and can be daily. Just make sure it will be perfect for his style and personality.

21. Beach Shorts

source: hiconsumption.com

If your dad is a beach lover or does surfing then why not get him a new beach short. It will be one of the top travel gifts for him.

22. Universal USB Travel Power Adapter

source: cellphones.com

If your dad goes international travel most of the time it’s one of the best gifts for the traveling dad toHe can use it all around the world to charge any of his devices.

23: Camera Strap

source: bhphotovideo.com

If you have decided to give your dad a DSLR camera then having it with a strap is a must-have. Another gift ideas for the traveling dad that will help him feel comfortable.

24. A Travel Hoodie

source: pinmytees.com

Younger dads would love to have a travel hoodie that does not only keep them warm during travel but also chooses those that with their style.

25. Toiletry Kit

source: waidindalen.com

This list of travel gift ideas for dad would be incomplete without this toiletry kit. Every man needs a place to keep all his toiletries while traveling so make sure to get your dad something great.

Behind every great son or daughter is an amazing dad. So make sure to let him know how much you appreciate and love him as much as possible. I hope this list of 25 travel gifts for dad helps you put a smile on his face.

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