10 Best Gift Ideas for Friends

Time really flies and before we know it, the season of giving is here yet again. People have already begun flocking malls and bazaars looking for the best gifts to give their pals. Various sales have been popping up here and there, sending consumers into a shopping frenzy. We’re sure it’s quite a challenge to find that perfect present for the special people in your life. To help you with that, we’ve created this guide to give you the best gift ideas this season.

  • Planner

We’re sure you have that one friend in your barkada who is super organized and detail-oriented. Well, you can never go wrong with gifting them with a planner! Just imagine the satisfaction they would get from plotting their schedules on crisp and beautifully designed pages. Check out this planner by Limelight:

365 Days of Awesome Planner


  • Large coffee mug


To that friend who is always sleepy, we’re sure the regular-sized mugs wouldn’t suffice for their regular coffee fix. Why don’t you give them ones that are almost as big as their faces? Surely, they won’t complain about the caffeine overload. 

The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Pop! Mug


  • Lip & Cheek Tint


The holy grail of many, the classic lip and cheek tint is a staple in every girl’s kikay kit. Dab it on your cheeks, swipe it on your lips and you’re ready to go! Here is one you can find at almost any department stores:

  • Graphic socks

Out with the traditional white, black, and gray socks and in with the new printed socks! This is for the guy friend who loves wearing shorts with high socks or the corporate worker who wants to add a bit of sass in his outfit. Browse the HappySocks website to see their collection.

  • Headphones

It’s the one thing we never forget to bring when we leave the house because it makes our commute to and from work much more bearable. Jam to music with these sleek Bluetooth headphones from Philips.

  • Reusable utensils set

People are environmentally-conscious now more than ever, and we’re sure Mother Nature is smiling. For that friend dedicated to reducing his or her environmental impact, get the right gift from Sip PH:

  • Potted plants

Plants provide more than aesthetic benefits, they can also contribute to our well-being in a variety of ways. It helps to purify the air and assists in improving a person’s focus, among many others. That’s why having plants around the office or at home will surely add a positive aura in your environment. For your greenery needs, check out the Tierra Plants website.

  • Passport holder

Your jet-setter friends will surely be happy to receive something that will protect their most valuable piece of identification – their passports! For a personal touch, you could get customized ones made by JG Personalized Passport Holder Philippines:

  • Pomade

Any of your friends sporting the classic pompadour hairstyle? It won’t be possible without the help of a trusted brand of pomade. To help them achieve that real gentleman look, gift them with pomades from Eight Wolves.

  • Visor cap


That friend who prefers running over going to the gym will surely find a visor cap useful for his or her regular morning runs. Check this simple but stylish one from Adidas.

We hope our list helped you with your holiday shopping this year! If you want to read more stories of adventure and discoveries like the best hotels, good food, hacks, skin care and gadgets to bring when you are traveling, we encourage you to visit https://wandergala.com/. The website also provides itinerary samples and the latest news and information about the places you need to see while you’re in the Philippines.

Happy Wandering!

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