Tinuy-an Waterfalls: Curtain Show of Nature

When people hear about waterfalls, they usually thought about how high it is.  Commonly, they thought that a higher waterfall is always a more beautiful sight to behold.  But what if a 95-meter wide glorious one would invite you for a visit?

At the Bislig City in the province of Surigao del Sur, this 95-meter wide waterfall named Tinuy-an displays its majestic triple tiers like a giant wall of water curtains that drops at the height of 55meters for the people to see.  After a 45-minute rough ride on a motorcycle from the Bislig City proper, the waterfall itself is truly a great reward for the visitors.  Only for 50php as the entrance fee and free for kids, tourists can already experience the majestic falls and even go near it if you would dare using a bamboo raft.

You may also hike up the waterfall through its surroundings of rich green forest which contributes greatly to complete the picture of nature around the flowing water.  Upon reaching its higher level, one may behold the beauty of a waterfall which seems to be a smaller version of the main cascade but is not less of a beauty to experience.

To reach the Tinuy-an waterfall, tourists may take a 5 to 6 hour bus ride from Butuan City to Mangagoy in Bislig City.  You may also take a bus from Davao to Mangagoy with the same travel time length.  Arriving at the area, always remember that cottages are in first come first serve basis therefore going early at the morning is highly suggested.  This is also for you to have a good time in the waterfall without being disturbed by many other visitors.  Finally, always remember to tell the habal-habal driver to wait for you for you to have a ride back to the Bislig city proper.