5 Ways To Earn Extra Income This Christmas

Christmas season is just around the corner. Everyone looks forward to this month since it’s a month of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. During this time also when almost everyone is busy putting up their beautiful Christmas trees, their sparkling Christmas lights and etc. Everyone is excited about this event most especially the kids because there will be a lot of gifts to give and to receive. Since it’s considered a busy month for most people during Christmas, there are also a lot of business opportunities to do for extra income this Christmas.

Here are few “sidelines” you can do to earn extra income this Christmas

1. Selling Pastries


This is one of the most popular businesses today. It doesn’t require that you should be a good baker, for as long as you have an oven at home, and you know how to follow instructions and right measurement, you can definitely do this!

2. Small-scale Catering


During December, you’ll expect a lot of Christmas parties! For some people, they’ll have at least 2-3 parties to attend to. So if you love cooking and you’re passionate about it, you should definitely try and start this. You can at least try from small portions then by selling big portions and supply for parties because if they’ll love your food, they’ll definitely refer you to their families and friends which will help you grow your business.

3. Online Selling/Reseller


Christmas is about giving, so during this time, people are in the hunt of what items to buy as a gift for their loved ones. If you want to earn extra income, you should try this. You could actually start reselling clothes, which can both be a gift and at the same time can also be a good outfit for their Christmas party! Reselling is not just limited to a certain product; resell a product that you actually like and the product that you think you can sell.

4. Selling handicrafts/personalized items


If you have the talent and you’re creative, you can actually sell your work. Most people love to receive a gift that has their name on it; in short, they love personalized items! It’s also a great Christmas gift for your friends, classmates, and colleagues, especially if you have some kind of a peer group. It can also be a giveaway to your parties, so if you want to earn extra income, it’s best to start this kind of business.

5. Selling Kakanin


Another food business that you can actually do this Christmas is selling kakanin (native delicacies) or also known as rice cake. It’s indeed a common snack and is an integral part of Filipino food culture. The most popular kakanin during Christmas are puto bumbong, bibingka, and suman. But there’s a wide choice of delicious kakanin that you can choose from. So if you know how to cook these, you can actually sell them, post it on Facebook or Instagram. It will definitely complete the Noche Buena of the family.

Starting or doing business is not just merely business. If you want to be successful, find a business that you are truly excited about and a business that will serve your purpose. Especially nowadays that buy and selling have been made much easier with technology. Wherein it’s much easier to advertise through Facebook and other social media. So post your product, or sell it your families, friends, and colleagues and you’ll surely earn extra income from it! These are just a few businesses that you can do to this Christmas, but it’s also a joy if you can do that business even after Christmas season.