Alibijaban Island: Mutual Paradise for Man and Nature

Blessed with a wide biodiversity in its gifted ecosystem, the Philippines are a country where the mutual relationship between man and nature clearly exist.  Natural places like these can be found peacefully isolated away from the harsh developing urban cities and are preserved from destructive pollution caused by careless people.  In such areas, man taking benefits from nature and nature taking care by people can be witnessed and appreciated.

Alibijaban IslandIn the municipality of San Andres, Quezon Province, an island named Alibijaban quietly sits on the blue sea of the Bondoc Peninsula (commonly known as the Bonpen) and keeps a humbling scenario within.  Like the popular beaches of our country, the Alibijaban is blessed with fine white sand on its shorelines and cool crystal-clear waters that invite tourists for a visit.  But, rising up its points of difference compared to commercialized resorts is its naturally preserved ecosystem and surroundings.

Starting from a small population of residence on the island whose houses can be seen beautifully on the white sand to the magnificent view of the land and water surroundings decorated by luscious mangrove forests and huge boulders which catches shellfishes during low tide for people to pick for consumption, the island is truly a paradise being kept away from destructive advancement of city life.  People are very hospitable and warm to visitors.  They are also aware of the importance of mangroves and all of the blessings given to them by nature making them voluntary stewards of the precious Alibijaban Island.

Before heading for the place, take note that the island is undeveloped and gadgets for diving, swimming, and other activities are unavailable.  It is recommended to bring your own things and be mindful of those to keep the preservation of this paradise.

People benefit a lot from nature and it would do us no harm to help the nature back.  Places like Alibijaban Island is proof that man and nature can harmoniously live with the presence of each other without destruction.

How to get there?

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Manila to San Andres.

Superlines Transport  have 3 daily direct trip to San Andres 4:30 AM, 2:30 PM, and 5:30 PM. Schedule may change without notice. For some inquiries you may call 02-414-3119/02-4143321 and 09225225192. Fare Php.470.00


Manila to Lucena

There are some  Bus lines from Cubao (EDSA-Kamuning-Kamias)  to Lucena (Grand Terminal)  like JAC Liner, Lucena Lines and DLTB, Tritran.  Fare around Php. 220.00


Lucena to San Andres

Barney Auto Lines  from Alabang terminal is passing the Lucena Grand Terminal to take passenger going to San Andres. Last trip is 12:00 midnight, then follow the next  trip at 2:00 AM. Four to five hours travel. Fare Php.216.00 .

There are groups of Van operator in Lucena bound to San Andres. Van Terminal in Pacific Mall 0910-5863023, the schedule are 11:00AM, 1:00PM and last trip is 3:00 PM. There are also van terminal in SM Lucena,  Van Fare is Php. 270.00 higher compare with the bus. The advantage of the van, it travel faster and non stop going to San Andres, while the bus is stationary.


 San Andress to Alibjaban 

From Bus terminal in San Andres, there are two options going to the island.  1.Proceed to the pier and hitch a ride  for some motor boat going, or going back to the  island. Fare is around Php. 20.00 – Php.50.00. Motor boat are frequent in the morning to transport their commodities, and buy their needs back to the island.   Reminder: there no regular trip going to the island and vice verse.

2. Second option is to contact, Randy and or his wife Jinjin 0977-370-8487 and 0998-275-8413  to fetch you in the pier. Negotiation regarding his services must be agreed, before going to Alibijaban, specially the inclusion of his service. like guiding  fee, snorkeling, and many others. Paying the “BAHALA NA PO KAYO”  is one problem we encountered with them. Randy and the wife, as well as the locals are kind. Travel time:, around 15 minutes from pier to Alibijaban Island.

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