Wander the World and Fight Depression

Wander the World and Fight Depression

Depression is a mental illness. It is a state of low mood and aversion to activity or apathy that can affect a person’s behaviour, feelings, thought and sense of well-being. It is living with an anxious of depressed state of mind. Depression is not something that will disappear after a week or two. It is unique for every person and requires a day to day management. You have to understand your own depression and have the correct treatment that is needed.

You have to seek alternative ways to change your outlook on your depression and be open to any other experience that will help to control your depression.

So I’ll  give you few reasons how wandering can stimulate your happiness and help you maintain a strong and healthy mind.

A Healthy Addiction

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Wandering is the only healthy addiction you can have. It helps you grow fast as a human as you continue to crave for more new experience. Wandering to places you could have never imagine.

Opening Up

Wandering let you be open to different situations outside your everyday life. It lets you create new positive memories that can help you realize the potential for fighting your negative inner thoughts.

What’s Possible

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Depression can cloud you from seeing your true potential leading to low self-worth making you think that you are incapable of doing things. Wandering can educate you in ways no other experiences can and inspires you to create a positive perception about yourself. Showing  that what you think impossible is actually possible.

Express Yourself

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Take a surfing class, dance your heart out or take pictures while you’re sitting or walking on the sand and post it on your Instagram. There is no greater feeling than having to express your feelings. Enjoy the moment and live your life to the fullest.

Reflect and Recharge

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Hiking a great mountain, surfing, canoeing or just enjoying the waves in a beautiful beach somewhere lets you relax your mind and body. Wandering gives you the ability to do what you really love. It is the best time to make decisions and reflect now that you are free from stress.

See the Big Picture

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When you take yourself out from your usual environment, you are force literally to see the world from different eyes. Having all those experiences from wandering anywhere around the world can create a whole new thought process and allowing yourself to see the bigger picture that can help you towards overcoming your depression. You get to meet people that are less fortunate that can teach you not to take things for granted and to embrace every opportunity to learn better.

The Natural Anti-Depressant

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Being with nature has been found by researchers as a way of beating depression because it serves as a therapy to relax your mind. Whether it’s simply walking at the beach or camping somewhere nice nature has a very strong calming effect on us.  There’s something about wandering that makes you feel better. The fact that you are going to somewhere new and beautiful can leave a smile on your face.

Depression can come with a lot of negativity but always remind yourself how amazing you are. Talk to yourself as if you’re talking to your dearest friend. Reward yourself for wandering out from your comfort zone and don’t be too harsh n yourself.

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