Top 10 Tourist Spots in Davao


Davao has what is takes to put on to your to go lists for the top tourist spot ventures. Not to mention, it is where came the first and contraversial Mindanaoan Filipino President. Davao has been the present President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s exhibit A as par leadership performance.

So tourist attractions bloomed after the more important 360 degrees change of peace in the community.

These are the Top 10 Tourist Spot in Davao


Philippine Eagle Park (Philippine Eagle Center)



The Philippine eagle, with the scientific name Pithecophaga jefferyi, is also known as the Monkey-Eating Eagle. This Philippine national bird is breed for the conservation of these species in The Philippine Eagle Center. 

The Philippine Eagle Park is a developed natural Park with an 8.4 hectare, and is located at the foothills of Mt. Apo in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao CIty, It makes one best for top tourist spot.


Banana Beach



Banana Beach is one of the presentations of the banana industry that long profited the economy of Davao.

This top tourist spot is the world’s only beach in a banana plantation. It is great because of its complete commodities from swimming pool, cottages, pond and the natural beach itself. This beach is located in Tagum City, 


People’s Park



In the urban central of Davao City, public People’s Park is located. It was created through the conversion of the old PTA Grounds or the Palaruang Panlunsod  into a park. The park covers an area of 4 hectares. It has a 425 sq m visitor’s center.

The park hosts many sculptures done by Mindanao artist Kublai Milan which depicts indigenous people. Along with is a Durian Dome and a dancing fountain with rainbow walk.

This top tourist spot has been described as “one of the cleanest and greenest public parks” in the Philippines. It has 10,000 sq. m. allotted to different species of bamboo and tulips. Putting forest inside a city.


Giant Clam Sanctuary



Marine sanctuary in the island of Samal protects 4 species of big clams out of the 2,100. It is open for all the tourists and locals to observe. Needs are just to rent a “bangka”, wear snorkel masks on, then certified diver guide who will lead you.

Amazing are experiences with the clear water and the presence of other different types of coral reefs and fishes.

Bat Sanctuary



Monfort Conservation Park is located in Sition Duggas, Barangay Tambo, Babak District. It is in the island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Mindanao. It is home to one of the largest cave bat chambers in the world.


Pearl Farm Davao



Today, Pearl Farm Davao is Samal Island’s jewel. It has become a five star rate destination just off the coast of the bustling Davao City.

Giving luxurious comfort, show offs Filipino designs and protects natural environment is its asset. It was once known as the Philippine pearls’ home where it is nurtured and cultivated.


Garden Resort



Garden resort with the sanctuary of bird feeding butterfly is what Malagos Garden Resort most known of. It is also the home of award winning Malagos Chocolate. The park offer informative Science, very active playground, birds, butterfly and more.


Davao Crocodile Park



Crocodiles along with other wild animals made a home in Davao Crocodile Park. It is located in Riverfront, Diversion Road, Ma-a, accessible at point in the city.

The park showcases a state of the art crocodile farming system. Not only in Davao but in the entire country.


Eden Nature Park and Resort



This resort park is located in the Barangay Eden, Toril, Davao City. It accommodates day tour and overnight rooms. Special celebrations are welcome for booking events here.

Because of its guide shuttle, skyrider, skycycle, skyswing,horseback riding, fishing village,and swimming pool makes vacation very fun here.


Castelmonte Leisure Park



Castelmonte, the simple name known that it has for two decades, symbolizes the simplest resort one would like to spend at and the cheapest.

High cottage to peek at nature to trekking everywhere till the deeper under cave adventure is its best simple asset. Nature is in its natural in Castelmone Leisure Park.

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