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The Lifestyle of a Digital Nomad


Digital nomads? Who are they? They are not your regular backpack travelers. They are someone who have the love for travel and work online at the same time to make money. They don’t have a fixed address because they travel constantly and change their location quite often. These people have mastered the art of combining work and travel by having a balance between their online and offline lives. Digital nomad lifestyle is an excellent way to experience extended travel without pausing their travel just to get a job to fund their journey.


Digital nomads are location independent in their work. They can work from anywhere around the world. Typically they work from their laptops or tablets via WiFi or mobile internet connection. Coffee shops, public libraries and co-working spaces is where they often work. This is what makes their lifestyle so specific being a digital nomads. It’s living life and creating a job to fit them. To be a digital nomad it needs endless self-motivation.

Characteristics of a Digital Nomads Lifestyle

1. Travelling Light


Digital nomads are known to be minimalist. Having couple of suitcases with unnecessary stuffs on it is definitely a big no. They don’t collect bunch or souvenirs from their travel. Instead, their goal is to experience life at first-hand.

2. Usually, Avoid Attachments


It isn’t to say goodbye to someone or something but sometimes its necessary especially with the toxic people around. Anything that keeps them away from their digital nomadic lifestyle should be avoided because it can tie them down to a specific location.

3. Switching Place to Another


This is typical to someone who live as a digital nomad. They still have a a home but they won’t be spending most of their time in there. They doesn’t want to find a new home but actually believe that change is where their home is.

4. Loves to Meet other Digital Nomads


They may lack social life experience and avoid attachments but would love to meet someone who lives just like them. Many of the digital nomads today are choosing those known locations that are known to be hubs for digital nomads.

There are many styles of a digital nomad but their common denominator is their love for travel. They prefer urban locations mainly cities or capital cities because they have a wide variety of co-working spaces and good internet connection.

Most digital nomads prefer to go to developing countries with low cost of living.  Allowing them to make money to clients for rich countries while living somewhere in a low-cost country. They adjust themselves to their client’s schedule, adopt a regular work week and travel during weekends.

As a digital nomad you will have the opportunity to build and design your life with freedom but never forget the disadvantages too. Altogether a digital nomad lifestyle will be very rewarding. It will allow you to travel and be sustainable along the road without the hectic work schedules. Just like everything else, there will always be good and bad you just have to balance everything. Be happy and motivated to get through any difficult roads.

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