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Palaui Island: Worthy to be Experienced

Many tourists from within and outside the country seek not only for spots which are pleasing to their eyes but also for those which can mark an unforgettable experience of adventure in their memories.  Places which can fulfill their thirst for challenging treks and hikes before satisfying their eyes with island grandiose beauty and dipping their bodies into the cool crystal-clear seawaters; places and experiences that can also be found in our Philippines.

In the town of Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley Province, an island which promises an adventure trek can be found.  Named Palaui Island and recognized by CNN as one of the best beaches in the world, this tourist spot will satisfy those who want to experience challenging trails before diving or swimming to a hidden beach.

Greeting the visitors of the island is the shores of Punta Verde where campers and hikers must first register to a Naval Detachment Unit for security and safety purposes.  To explore Palaui, one may take the easy way of boat riding around the island or experience the adventure climax through the thick jungles, mountain peaks, rich plants and animal and the sight-pleasing beaches which the island isolates.  The Lagunzad trail or the harder Leonardo trail may take tourists to another main attraction of the island.

The Cape Engaño Lighthouse can be found on top of a 90-meter cliff and lives already for more than a century of sea-guide service.  Standing face to face with the blue sea water which perfectly paints a majestic picture onto the visitors’ eyes, the lighthouse is only one of Palaui Island’s crowns that tourist must behold.  Cascading waterfalls, marine sanctuaries and many other treasures can be witnessed and experienced while traveling and exploring the beach island.

From proud mountain peaks to the humble beauty of its shores, Palaui Island is undeniably a paradise worthy to be visited; a place where the beauty of nature cannot only be seen but can also satisfy your experiences.

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