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Higatangan Island Sandbar: Nature’s Fascinating Handiwork

Image Source: I am Traveling Light

Nature is not only a great home for living organisms or a picture of spectacular sights.  In many instances, our mother Earth also has its playtime that may look mysteriously fascinating to man.  Using different elements like wind, water, soil or sand, rocks, and even fire or heat, nature can create its own handiworks.

In the island province of Biliran, a small sub-islet named Higatangan has unique scenery of nature’s playtime handiwork found on its shoreline.  A sandbar which changes its color all throughout the day and shifts its shape following the blow of the wind can be witnessed.

Sandbar is a pile of sand found a bit off from a seashore created by water current and blowing wind resulting in dumping of sand in a particular point.  Naturally, a sandbar migrates or moves from one location to another according to the natural agents which caused its formation.  In the case of the sandbar found in Higatangan Island which can move a few meters per day, the Amihan wind or the Northeast monsoon generally blow it to the right and the Habagat wind or the Southwest monsoon is responsible for moving the sandbar to the left.

Pools of waters with fish living in it can sometimes be found in the sandbar during the Habagat seasons.  Seagulls can also be spotted flying around it giving a livelier scene around.  Additionally, the people of the island were also very warm and kind in their simple life on an island with scarce water and electricity.

But, tourists visiting the sandbar must be careful in walking over it or swimming on its water pools.  Quicksand-like parts are scattered over the sandbar and people must also be aware of the sudden depth of water that cannot be easily noticed.

Our mother nature is not only our biggest provider but also gives us marvelous reasons to smile.  With her wonderful handiworks, appreciation from us is can give a big return to her aid with care and preservation.

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