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Best Tuna: Experienced in Davao City.

Tuna Choice Seafood and Grill Restaurant, located in Padre Gomez St., Davao City.

It has been known to almost everyone that fish have essential nutrients that are beneficial for our bodies, such as omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, B6, and B12.

Consuming fish will provides multiple benefits, from maintaining heart health, lowers blood pressure, improves the immune system, weight loss, strengthens your bones, it improves skins health and provides energy.

Tuna choice grill restaurant offers the following menu such as:

tinolang tuna belly with fresh vegetables added for a healthier meal, the mouthwatering recipe tuna sisig topped with an egg,

But the bestselling recipe that will complete your Best tuna experience here in Davao City is the grilled tuna belly and panga.

Other bestselling recipes are the tuna kinilaw, and paksiw tuna buntot, can also be deep fry. And other tuna products, such as tuna tsorizo,embutido, lumpia, and siomai. Refreshing halo-halo with ube flavored ice cream on top is served for the dessert to complete your meal.

Best tuna in Davao

Boodle Fight for a certain group of person

The owner started the restaurant as an extension to her business from supplying fresh tuna products to some of the frozen tuna stalls in the city and nearby. One of her friends introduces the idea of opening a small restaurant which local called it a “karenderia” meaning a food stall located at the roadside for an affordable price.

Since most of the businesses won’t grow or pick up many customers easily, but eventually some student and other customers recognize their tasty and healthy recipe and affordable, they shared it to friend thru social media such as the popular Facebook, it help them to grow from a karenderia to a quite popular small restaurant, not just in Davao city.

Because of the increase of customers, the owner decided to open new branches, from Tagum city, Valencia Bukidnon, and Artiaga st.,Davao city. Maybe soon they will be opening in some strategic location in Davao City, maybe later in some strategic location and economically growing cities in the country.

Visit Davao city with your friends and relative all year round and dine with the best tuna experience in Davao at TUNA CHOICE SEAFOOD AND GRILL RESTAURANT.


Listed below are very few from happy customers:

At sa wakas nakabalik talaga kami ulit dito. Di jud kamahayan ilang Tuna.. kay Lami jud sya ug affordable kaayo.. halos dili naka makalakaw sa kabusog ug sa kalami nila magluto 😋 #TunaChoice

The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. 🤗🤗☺☺

Setyembre 30, 2018

Burrpp 😊 laban pa mo sa unli rice? Kabuang lage hurot sa rice 😂😂😂 kinsa naglisod ug ginhawa? 😂😂 #staaaaarrrraaaappp

After pampering ourselves(papilok) Eating session agen..early dinner aron slim ghpon mi😂😂😂

Happy tummy! ❤️

Cravings satisfied! . . . . . #dinnertime #sizzlingtunasisig #tunasisig #sisig #grilledpangatuna #grilledpanga #pinoyfoodie #yum #happytummy

Solve ang dinner sa tanan….😜😋
Tnx roseville team and parents… For the threat…😍😍😍

When I’m with you My day Gets a whole Lot Better 💕😘 #TunaChoice🙌🏻

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