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Best Sleep Masks to keep with you wherever you go

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Better sleep means better skin, a fresh mind, and health.

According to the experts, the benefits of sleeping in total darkness or in a night time can help your body produce melatonin, which allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep.  We produce this hormone between 11PM and 3AM. But what do you do when you’re traveling and staying somewhere like in the airport, inside the plane or anywhere you wanted to take a nap it is really difficult to induce due to windows and sunlight? Do you cover your eyes or do you sleep well? Don’t you know that even the slightest ray of sunlight or artificial light interrupts the secretion of this important hormone? You should cover your eyes using Sleep Masks to get better sleep.

So if you’re tired of dealing with restless nights and days check out this list of sleep masks to get some shut-eye.

1. Sleeping Panda Eye Mask with Cooling Gel


Best sleep mask for puffy eyes

If you’re a panda lover like me, this eye mask is perfect for you! Do you always wake up with eye bags and puffiness around your eyes? If yes, you must get and try using a cold compress to help reduce swelling around your eyes. This super cutie eye mask comes with a removable cooling gel insert that will reduce inflammation, boost blood circulation around the eyes and ease fatigue.

Product details of Sleeping Panda Eye Mask with cooling gel


2. 3D Ultra Soft Breathable Sleeping Eye Mask Foam Eyeshade


Best sleep mask for eyelash extensions

If you love eyelash extensions, this 3D Ultra Soft Breathable Sleeping Eye Mask is perfect for you! Your eyelash extensions won’t be tangled or fallen out using this eye mask. Apart from blocking out the lights, this eye mask is designed to rest on your eyes without any pressure and your eyelashes will remain beautiful throughout the night. Save time and effort on retouching your eyelashes!

No machine wash.
The nose design keeps more light out.
Made of Polyester and Sponge; it feels very soft.
Unique and special shape to allow free eye movement.
Can breathe freely and Without a sense of oppression with it.

3. EsoGoal 3D Sleep Mask Lightweight and Comfortable Sleeping Eyes Shield Mask 


Best sleep mask for Travel 

This eye mask is perfect for:



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