Aurora – Sanctuary Of Nature’s Splendor

Brief Description

Past the lavish woods of the Sierra Madre mountains lies an astonishing area so staggeringly rich and immaculate – Aurora, therefore it called the “Haven of Nature’s Splendor.”

The Sierra Madre mountain run covers a huge piece of the area of Aurora. Truth be told, by the Aurora coastline, it is where widely varied vegetation are generally focused. Cascades, waterways, perfectly clear surges of shifting sizes are situated inside, if not adjoining, the territory of the Sierra Madre mountain. Exceptional intrigue excursions, for example, hiking, safari, winged creature watching, biological investigations, or even as basic as picnics could be folded into one by taking the path prescribed by neighborhood nature trekkers in the zone.

At the point when the upper east rainstorm winds blow and the standard quiet white seashores are changed into deathtraps by furious waves, the time has come to come to Aurora to ride the waves on a surfboard.


Aurora has an all-out land territory of 308,122 hectares. It’s fundamental connect to the remainder of Luzon is a thin mountain rock street curving over the Sierra Madre mountain goes among Baler and the district of Bongabon in Nueva Ecija.

Political Subdivision

Aurora is made out of eight districts, with Baler as the commonplace capital.


The atmosphere is described by precipitation, which is pretty much uniformly dispersed consistently. Since the area faces the Pacific Ocean, it is consistently battered by tropical storms originating from the east.


In view of the national insights overview of May 2000, Aurora has a populace of 173,797 with a yearly development rate of 1.84%.

Language / Dialect

The region talks prevalently Tagalog, and in certain parts, Ilocano. The working populace is familiar with both the English and Filipino dialects.

Major Industries

Aurora’s fundamental economy is farming; copra and rice are the essential items. Weaving, particularly of buntal caps, is a significant cabin industry.

Angling creation can be expanded in Casiguran Sound and Dingalan Bay yet Baler Bay’s is relied upon to decrease due to over-angling and sedimentation.

Aurora has kept up its woods spread however is under genuine dangers from logging.

Segregation, unavailability, and presentation to tropical storms have hampered the area’s improvement.

Aurora History…

The region was named after Aurora Quezon, conceived in Baler and spouse of Manuel L. Quezon, the main leader of the Philippine Commonwealth.

Aurora was first investigated by Juan de Salcedo in 1571 when he came to Casiguran and Baler from Laguna. In 1609, a Franciscan crucial established in Baler. In 1735, Baler was pulverized by a tsunami from the Pacific Ocean. The enduring occupants chose to move to higher ground. In 1814, the town of Binondo was established away from the coast.

Baler was a piece of Nueva Ecija until 1902 when it was surrendered to Tayabas (presently Quezon area). During the Commonwealth time frame, when President Quezon startlingly visited Binondo, he named it Aurora out of appreciation for his better half.

In 1951, regions currently involving the area were sorted out into Aurora, at that point a sub-territory of what had become Quezon. The district of Aurora was changed to Maria Aurora.

On August 13, 1979, Aurora turned into a different territory by the righteousness of Batas Pambansa No. 7.

Sabang Bay

“Arranged in the eastern piece of Baler town, the spot is perfect for surfing and considered as one of the nation’s best site for surfing rivalries. Settlement and resorts just as different luxuries for nightlife are accessible.

President Quezon Memorial Park

It is arranged at the core of the town of Baler, the origin of the late Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon. At the focal point of this park is discovered a marker bearing a short life record of the late President. This is the place of the Quezon once stood, a generally little house made of wood, bamboo, and nipa materials. In case of time, the spot was made the focal point of individuals’ entertainment and a spot for recollecting the great saint.

Baler Catholic Church

The congregation in Baler was the last Spanish battalion of four officials and fifty men attacked by Filipino extremists on June 27, 1899. This is likewise where the La Campana de Baler, an old top-notch chime, was utilized and later put away as a relic.

Digisit Beach

The upper landward shore of Digisit Beach situated in Baler is generally sand while the water shores are blockades of corals shaping a defensive reef that keeps solid influxes of the Pacific from crashing onto the shore. The region is useful for plunging, and during more settled months, for swimming.

Balete Park

Situated in Brgy. Quirino, about 3.5 km. from the town legitimate of Maria Aurora, the recreation center highlights the immense Banyan Tree accepted to have existed 3 to 4 hundred years prior. This vegetation species could entrance guests for its cumbersome trunks and immense shade. It has a stature of around 60 meters, the space involved by its foundations is between 10 to 15 meters in width, and its overhang gauges just about 60 meters. Inside the region is a skating back street/ring, see decks, rest house, guesthouse, and meeting lobby.

Bulawan Falls

Granted as “The Cleanest Inland Body of Water” (Regional Category), Bulawan Falls rises a hundred meters starting from the earliest stage grandly on the wild of Brgy. Paleg. The noteworthy stone walling along the bank of the stream adds to its sensational excellence. An additional fascination is a transcending tree that showers solidified water accepted to be marvelous. With the development of various offices in the zone, it is quickly turning into a traveler goal in the region.

Cunayan Falls

The falls situated in San Luis streams into a perfectly clear stream tinged uniquely by the blue impression of the sky. Its gentle temperature makes it perfect for showers. It is one of the more available falls in Aurora, and tolerable to most vehicles.

Ampere Beach

The seashore situated in Dipaculao is secured with smooth rocks. The stones found here fluctuate in size and are darker in shading. Adjacent to the seashore is a region called Bunga Point or Ampere Point.

Lamao Caves

Lamao is a variety of caverns bent along the ocean side precipice of Paltic, Dingalan. These caverns are continually attracted by influxes of the Pacific Ocean. They would appear to be misleadingly conventional, in any case, upon close review, magnificent common cascade spouts inside from the underground stream. Another cavern showers water giving a feeling that it is coming down inside. Uncommon marine life, for example, monster turtles and sharks have been located along the area of the caverns. In the middle of caverns are scaled-down seashores where bancas harbor.

Casapsapan Beach

On the off chance that Manila Bay has its vaunted brilliant dusk, Casapsapan Beach in Brgy. San Ildefonso, Casiguran, Aurora offers a grand perspective on the splendid dawn where one can watch the sun rising gradually from the eastern skyline nearly as large as a winnower. Its innate and unspoiled excellence, for example, the white sand seashores, clear-blue shimmering waters, and five hectares of virgin mangrove offers everybody outrageous delight and joyful fulfillment. One can encounter the sentiment of not having any desire to leave the spot any longer.

Things to Do and see in Aurora…


President Quezon Memorial Park

(Baler). Fenced by solid material and set on a round concrete stage, it fills in as a milestone of Baler, the origin of the late President Manuel L. Quezon.

Lt. Commander James Gilmore Marker

(Baler). Over the left half of Baler Catholic Church stands the marker of Lt. Authority James Gilmore, the administrator of US Gunboat “Yorktown,” who was caught alongside the entirety of his men when he came to Baler in April 1899 to mitigate the Spanish officers blockaded in the congregation of Baler.

Aurora Quezon Marker

(Baler). Worked to pay tribute to the spouse of first Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon. She was known for her untiring exertion in giving social welfare administrations, particularly to the individuals of Aurora territory.

President Quezon’s Resthouse

(Baler). An interesting blue wooden house arranged directly over the Baler Church and the Baler Municipal Hall. It was the place the Quezon couple, their family, and family members remained during their excursions in Baler.

President Quezon’s House

(Baler). When the home of President Manuel L. Quezon, arranged close to Cemento Beach. Today, just the remaining parts of the house and the concrete staircase are left remaining after it was seriously struck by a super hurricane.


Ditumabo Falls

(San Luis). The completely clear stream of Ditumabo Falls spouts interminably, streaming and winding among incalculable rocks and stones. Roughly 140 ft. high, the falls are encompassed by enormous bluffs, secured with green greenery and vines.

Bane Spring

(San Luis). Around the base of this common fascination is a wealth of plants, which encompass the pool of water. Six meters wide, the winding Banyu spring lies covered up in the midst of growth.

Cunayan Falls

(San Luis). One of the more available falls in Aurora, and tolerable to most vehicles. The falls streams into a completely clear stream tinged uniquely by the blue impression of the sky. Its mellow temperature makes it perfect for showers.

NIA(National Irrigation Administration) Watershed (San Luis)

A little dam worked alongside an outing zone in San Luis. The water beneath the dam is clear with the greenish impression of the vegetation encompassing the lake.

Cemento Beach Reef

(Baler). White sand, shells, and squashed corals could be found along the stretch of Cemento Beach. The zone is suggested for proficient surfers. It is additionally reasonable for swimming and jumping.

Dimadimalang Islet

(Baler). This stone arrangement is really a little island only a couple of meters from the reef shore of Brgy. Cemento. It fills in as the point of recognizing the southernmost tip of Baler Bay.

Digisit Beach

(Baler). The upper landward shore is generally sand while the water shores are blockades of corals shaping a defensive reef that keeps solid floods of the Pacific from crashing onto the shore. The territory is useful for jumping, and during more quiet months, for swimming.

Borlongan Beach

(Dipaculao). Contrasts from most seashores as its beachfront is totally secured with dark rocks and clench hand size stones, all smoothened by the waves that continually pound its shore.

Ampere Beach

(Dipaculao). The seashore is secured with smooth rocks. The stones found here shift in size and are darker in shading. Adjacent to this seashore is a region called Bunga Point or Ampere Point.

Balete Park

(Mama. Aurora). Home to the monster Balete Tree, which is evaluated to be over extremely old.

Tariktik Point

(Dilasag). Perfect for swimming. Its normal bonsai developments are entrancing.

Pagkain ng Bayan Plateau

(Dilasag). Wonderful landscape with ground orchid arrangement.

IFRC (Inter-Pacific Resource Corporation) Nursery and Falls

(Dingalan). A nursery of fully-developed mahogany trees close to the cascades.

Animo Islet

(Baler). Two little however forcing islands could be discovered south of Dimadimalang Islet. These islets, one littler than the other, resemble an upstanding shot with bushes, little trees, and other greenery developing on its top surface.

Casiguran Sound

(Casiguran). Practically like a lake, Casiguran Sound is a straight almost encased by the Casiguran landmass and the promontory of San Ildefonso. It is practically unaffected by the storm winds of October through February making it an ideal spot for windsurfing.

Sierra Madre Mountains

(Aurora). This is where greenery is for the most part focused. Cascades, waterways, and completely clear surges of differing sizes are situated inside, if not nearby, the territory of Sierra Madre Mountains. Unique intrigue outings, for example, hiking, safari, winged animal watching, natural investigations or picnics folded into one might be taken effectively.

Dingalan Bay View Site

(Dingalan). “Tanawan,” as the spot is called, signifies “see site.” Upon moving toward the outskirt of Dingalan and Nueva Ecija, one could go through a region slanting upwards and its pinnacle is the Dingalan Bay View Site. The zone gives a stunning perspective on the town appropriate and the Blue Bay of Dingalan.


Baler Catholic Church

(Baler). It was the last Spanish battalion of four officials and fifty men attacked by Filipino extremists on June 27, 1899. This is likewise where the La Campana de Baler, an antiquated top-notch ringer, was utilized and later put away as a relic.

Santo Entierro

A glass coffin encasing the lying statue of Jesus Christ is shown in a temporary wooden house of prayer. Local people guarantee that this symbol has phenomenal forces. This undoubtedly is something to see, particularly during the Holy Week.

Special Interest


Suggested movement in Baler, explicitly at Sabang Beach; Cement, Baler Cobra Reef; and Charlie’s Point.


Suggested movement in Baler, explicitly at Cemento Beach; Dimadimalangat Islet; Aniao Islet; Lukso-Lukso Islets; and Dagisit Beach.

Mountain Climbing / Nature Trekking

Suggested exercises at the Ditumabo Falls and Banyu Springs. It is ideal to stay away from the wet season from June to October, the hour of periodic however generally solid tropical storms.

Scuba Diving

Suggested movement at Sabang Beach; Borlongan Beach; Cemento Beach; Dimadimalangat Islet; Aniao Islet; and Lukso-lukso Islet. Aurora’s plunging destinations are best from the long periods of March to May when waves are moderately quieter. Sabang Beach gives sufficient quarters and is found right close to Baler Bay.


Going for an outing in the valleys of Aurora could be a great activity for vacationers. One could choose a decent zone in the IFRC Nursery and Falls, where a mantelpiece could be set in the middle of a twin, falls, and appreciate rich cooked enjoyments from the ocean and new tropical natural product. Different bumpy zones are loaded up with minor falls, springs, and rivulets where picnics are perfect.

How to Get There

Beginning Transport Corporation associates Baler to Manila. Transports likewise interface Cabanatuan to Dingalan, south of Baler.