About Us

Wandergala.com is composed of 6 writer’s/ storytellers who want to share our stories of adventure and discoveries like the best hotels, good food, hacks, skin care and gadgets to bring when you are traveling. We will also provide you with itinerary sample and latest news and information about the places you need to see while you’re here in the Philippines.

The Philippines as you know is a Southeast Asian Country in the Western Pacific and an archipelagic nation composed of 7,641islands. Yes! You’ve read it right! It is not 7,107 islands but are now 7,641 islands according to National Mapping and Resource Information Authority making it more fun and having more places to visit when you are here in the country.

Having those beautiful Islands sure makes you want to travel more! Don’t worry we at Wandergala.com will help you make your adventure not just fun but also a budget friendly one. We will give you the list of travel essentials and compare hotel and restaurant rates. Hacks on how to get the cheapest and good food while on travel will also be available in our blog.

In case you are wondering how we got our name, Wander from the word itself which is according to Merriam Webster dictionary means to move about without a fixed course, aim or goal. And Gala is a Filipino word that means to wander about or to travel aimlessly.

Wandergala.com also accepts suggestions and collaborations. You may contact us via email at thewandergala (at) gmail.com

Happy Wandering!