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5 Tips On Finding The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Best Lipstick Cosmetics can refer to different ranges of makeup items. Lipstick, however, remains to be one of the most important.

You could have an oval, square, or heart-shaped face, but the right lip color can make a huge difference. On the other hand, a poorly chosen lipstick color can also destroy your whole look.

Because of this, lots of women can sometimes be frantic about finding the right lipstick for their skin tone. If you have the same trouble, here are five tips to choose a lip color for your skin tone.

1. Find Out What Colors Compliment Your Skin Tone

Once you’re positive of the kind of skin tone you have, breaking down the different lip colors that will look well on your lips becomes a whole lot easier.

There are primarily five types of skin tones namely: fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. If you have light or fair skin, you’d want to look for lipsticks with coral, light pink, nude, dusty red, and peach colors.  On the other hand, if you categorize yourself under medium skin tone, the best colors suited for your skin would be mauve, rose, cherry red, and berry.  Women with tan skin tones can mostly rock any color type except for purple and brown shades. On the other hand, people with deep skin tones best go for colors such as wine, plum, caramel, and blue-based reds.

2. Determine Your Skin Undertone

The three types of skin undertone you need to know about our cool, warm, and neutral with you Best Lipstick

For cool undertones, it would be best to go for a soft mocha or nude colors if you have light or fair skin. Cranberry or pink shades, on the other hand, will work for you if you have a cool undertone with a medium skin tone. Meanwhile, wine and ruby shades work best for women with deep or tan skin.  Peachy nudes or pale pink are a great pick if you have a warm undertone with light or fair skin. Bronze or copper shades, on the other hand, are perfect for deep, tan, or medium skin.  For people with neutral undertones, you can flaunt either warm or cool color shades.

3. Find Out What The Shape Of Your Lips Are

If you have the best lipstick top-heavy lips, you’d want to paint bright lipstick on your bottom lip while the upper lip has a slightly darker shade of the same color. For women with heavy bottom lips, on the other hand, you can choose any shade that suits your undertone while painting a bit light nude color at the center of your lips.  If you have asymmetrical lips, it would be best to use a lip liner to outline your lips. Of course, you need to use the same shade as your lipstick to make sure you stick to your skin tone and undertone.

4. Know Your Lip Size 

If you have thin lips, avoid using flashy and dark colors, as this will only make your lips look thinner. Instead, apply creamy lipsticks and glosses. However, for plump the best lipstick, you should avoid shades that are either too glossy, light, or has glitter textures.

5. Take Your Eye Color Into Consideration 

Being a few inches apart from your lips, your eyes can be a useful indicator of a suitable lipstick color.

Best Lipstick for Girls with blue eyes will look dazzling wearing red and coral shades. On the other hand, orange hues are perfect for green eyes. Meanwhile, brown-eyed girls will look fantastic wearing pink-colored lipsticks.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in makeup, ultimately, it’s important that you’re happy with your look. If you’re happy, it will show on your reflection in the mirror with the best lipstick.

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