In this article, we will guide you to Siargao Island! This Siargao guide you will find all the necessary information and tips you need to get if you wish to visit this “surfing” capital of the Philippines.

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Siargao Island is, for so much justification, one of the most favorite islands in the Philippines. The “Mecca” for surf lovers, special thanks for the most famous and beautiful Cloud9 Wave; this hot spot has so much more to offer to those who do not challenge the board.  

Do you know why Siargao is the favorite of many travelers? Because of the following:

  • The landscapes of endless palm groves
  • The beautiful lagoons
  • The amazing natural pools
  • The island hopping to nearby paradises
  • The nightlife
  • The delicious food
  • The Siargao People
  • And the comfort of relaxation plus the peace of mind you will get from the beautiful island. 

Also, in this beautiful corner, many foreigners, especially Spanish, have decided to stay in the Philippines.

When our team visits Siargao for the very first time, we fell in love with the island’s charms and made us consider the possibility of staying to live! (well, if that’s possible). We met a Spanish man there, and she fell in love with a Filipina and made him decided to stay for good.

Though Siargao Island changed a lot, too much and too fast but still, it is our most beloved and favorite destinations in the Philippines for so many reasons.

Don’t you know that in Siargao there’s a lot to do aside from surfing? It is a circular road where you can see the beautiful landscapes of a thousand palm trees. (perfect for drone video!). And, also you can do island hopping!  Oh, don’t forget to try the food, it is cheap and super delicious! 

When you are Siargao Island, there is no shortage of options of activities to get and try. It is the beach paradise that anyone should visit. Well, if you are decided to visit Siargao but you’re having any difficulty on how to get there, we have prepared the best guide in Siargao. This is based on our team’s experience and support information from our Filipino friends. 

We will help you discover on how to get there in comfortable ways, where to stay there, the best hotels to check-in, where to eat and of course what to do in Siargao. Consider this guide as a free trip to Siargao Island in the Philippines. 

Are you now ready to stay in Siargao Island for your next holiday? Continue reading this guide for you to get started!


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According to other people, “do not go to Siargao” if you are not a surfer. Or if you don’t know surfing, Siargao, not the right place to visit. Don’t listen to them! Here are the best lists you can do in Siargao Island:

  • Surf: this is the number one reason why people visit Siargao. It is the best activity you can have if you know on how to surf. But if you don’t know and you are very much willing to learn, there’s a lot of trainers or instructors you can hire there for you to get started whether you are a beginner or a professional or want to learn. The professional fee is 600 pesos per hour, including the board rental. This is the best place to explore the amazing world of surfing. Cloud 9 wave is famous. 
  • Walking the roads of Siargao: Tire of surfing? How about walking the streets and see the beautiful palm trees? You will fall in love with the coastal road of this island. You can also see mangroves, rivers, beaches, natural pools – the Magpupungkot Rock Pools, waterfalls, and a lot of tranquility is waiting! 
  • Island hopping : Have you been to Coron and El Nido? Island hopping in that place is very different but not worse. Continue reading for you to know more about Siargao Island Hopping.
  • Beaches: Compare to Coron and El Nido, Siargao beaches are not the best beaches that others may consider, but it is not that bad as what you’ve thought. People who tried Island Hopping in Siargao can justify that the beaches in Siargao are beautiful. Within the island, most of them are low, so when it is low tide, you will have a hard time to take a bath or to swim. Anyway, enjoy Alegría Beach. But our team loves the ones in the Malinao area, near the Sandy Feet hotel. The palm trees near the sea very lovely to the eyes. 
  • Nightlife:  Almost every day you can find a bar where you can have a drink and dance, so put this island on your itinerary in the Philippines, meaning to say nightlife is good in Siargao!

In this Siargao guide it is recommended that you need to spend at least 4 full days (without transfers) to discover and explore the beautiful island. If you can do it 1 week, much better.



You can see and explore the neighboring islands of Daku, Naked, and Guyam, but also the mangroves of Del Carmen, the famous beautiful Sugba Lagoon, and the remarkable sand tongue of Kawhagan Island. You will surely enjoy the Corregidor, Mam’om, or Sohoton, among many other corners.

To get information about Island Hopping in Siargao, how much they cost and much more, continue reading:



If you have “Gourmet” Palate, then it is likely that Siargao is a paradise. There are many places where you can eat even though most of them are expensive. But, nothing to worry about because you can still find a budget-friendly eatery for all budgets. From pizzas and risottos of the Kermit to the smoothies bowls of the Shaka passing through the neighborhood of carenderias or eateries the food starts at 50 pesos!

Continue reading to find good food in Siargao.



Public transportation in Siargao is not very efficient. But. You can still find ways to get around Siargao. If you know how to drive and you’ve got a driver’s license, our advice is to rent a motorcycle, as it is the best way to explore the island. Or you can also rent a car or hire the services of a tricycle driver or a habal-habal (motorcycle drivers). 

There is plenty of company that rents a very cool tuk-tuk or tricycle. Yes, it is more expensive than renting a motorcycle, but it is a perfect option if you are traveling with your family or friends. You can save plenty of money while discovering the Siargao Island.

How to get from Siargao airport to your hotel? From the airport of Siargao, shared vans leave to any point of General Luna, Cloud 9, and Malinao. They charge about 250 pesos per person. If you want to save money and you are alone, you can rent a motorcycle outside the airport. Depending on the time you rent it, you can find it for 250-500 pesos a day. Just be friendly and talk in a nice way and negotiate. Siargao local people are very friendly.

Continue reading to get more exact information:



Good news! It is now easier to reach Siargao. Thanks to Siargao Tourism, Here are the basic and simple instructions on how to get there:

·        Getting to Siargao by airplane: there are several dailies and direct flights from Cebu and Manila.

·        Arriving at Siargao by ferry: From Surigao, several ships leave from 4:00 to 12:00. To get to Surigao, you can take one of the three ferries or boats that leave from Cebu almost daily, and you can sleep along the way because they have beds. If it is your side trip from Camiguin, you can also link transport, as we write the Camiguin Guide here: 

 How to go to Siargao from Camiguin. 

·        Getting there by van: If you are from Davao, you can join a group of people who wanted to visit Siargao as well. There are plenty of Travel and Tours Agency who provide shared vans for rent that cost around 3000 to 5000 pesos only (back and forth to Davao)

Here is the detailed instruction on how to get to Siargao:



To tell you frankly, it is difficult to find where to sleep in Siargao. The island is now popular and hotel prices are high, and in this Siargao guide it is recommended that you need to book your accommodation in advance, especially in peak season like Christmas, Easter and the months of July, August and September (dry season on the island and when surfing championships are held).

You can find hotels between the town of General Luna and the Cloud 9 area. If you want more peace, but easy access to restaurants and bars, more options are in Malinao area. For surfing love, please go to the Pacific. Continue reading to find the necessary information on where to sleep in Siargao:



Here are some tips to add to this Siargao Guide:

  • BANK / ATMs IN SIARGAO: There are a lot of ATMs in General Luna and Dapa. But, sometimes the machine does not have enough money and does not work. So Be careful and please carry some cash with you. Read our articles and tips about  Best cards to travel to the Philippines and  Money in the Philippines
  •  WHEN TO TRAVEL TO SIARGAO: Because Siargao’s climate is different from the other places in the Philippines, therefore the best time to travel to Siargao is from June to November.
  • IS SIARGAO IS SAFE: Yes, Siargao is safe, but most accidents cause on the Island are traffic and have become severe. Please do not travel to Siargao without insurance. The hospital on the Island will give you disappointments (unfortunately, this is the worst problem in the Island), and if something serious happens to you will have to be urgently transported to Cebu or Manila. Always be CAREFUL!
  • INTERNET IN SIARGAO: The connections are 3G / 4G. There is wifi in hotels and restaurants too. In this guide from Siargao, we will explain our best experience was in the center of the town of General Luna. We also recommend to buy sim cards and get some extra data for your mobile phone. Read our article about the internet in the Philippines for more info.
  • BOOK IN ADVANCE: Siargao is the trendiest in the Philippines today, and prices are high. If you want to enjoy your vacation, book your accommodation in Siargao in advance.