Essential Travel Guide for your Gigantes Island Getaway

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Gigantes Island is the perfect getaway destination for many local and international tourists in Iloilo Philippines. Here you can indulge with alluring beaches, outstanding rock formations, bountiful seafood and mystical local legends blended in peaceful island life. Moreover, it’s significantly underdeveloped compared to other popular destinations such as Boracay, Palawan and Bohol. Hence, well-preserved natural islands and islets will greet you in a tour.

All about Gigantes Islands you should know before your Vacation

Gigantes Islands or Islas de Gigantes is a group of about 10 islands on the Visayan Sea. Off from the coast of Carles Town, it’s the northernmost area of Iloilo Province and is around 5 hours from Iloilo City. What’s interesting is its name, which is taken from giants who were said to lived the area. According to folklores, large coffins with huge bones are found in Bacwitan Cave during the Spanish occupation.

Setting myths aside, the group has Gigantes Sur and Gigantes Norte as its biggest islands. Moreover, it’s attractions you should visit are Bantigue Island, Antonia Island, Cabugao Gamay, Cabugao Dako, Tangke and the Pawikan Cave among other sites. And these are only few of the sites you should visit for a satisfying Gigantes Islands getaway.

Things you should Enjoy on Gigantes Islands

Here are few of the best things you should do on your vacation in Islas de Gigantes:

Go on an enthralling Island Hopping

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Gigantes Islands is a group of islands and islets sitting on the Visayan Sea. Hence, it’s a sin not to enjoy island hopping adventure on a getaway.

Usually, Gigantes Island hopping adventures last for around half of a day. And it includes Tangke, Bantigue Island, Cabugao Gamay Island, Pawikan Cave, Tangke and the Antonia Beach. Be sure, however, to find a favorable tour package for an enjoyable island hopping. This is to make the most out of your tour without spending too much.

Unwind on fabulous Beaches

Any island vacation wouldn’t be complete without beach fun. And Islas de Gigantes has lots of beaches and sandbars for you to enjoy. Here you can relax peacefully, without worrying about large crowd around. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling among other water activities as well. 

But note that the best beaches on the group of islands aren’t found in Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur alone. Book for boat travel, and head to Bantigue, Antonia and Cabugao Gamay islands during your getaway.

Explore fascinating Caves and Rock Formation

Fantastic rock formations are also popular in Islas de Gigantes. Here you can spot large limestone cliffs, mystical caves and even lagoons amid huge boulders among other natural attractions. These formations would let you enjoy rock scrambling, cave exploration or simply enjoy site-seeing on perfect spots.

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Indulge with mouthwatering Seafood Dishes

Gigantes is unofficially known as the Scallops Capital of the country because of the bountiful seafood it offers. Here you can enjoy unlimited and varying seafood, such as scallops, squid, shrimps and crabs among other dishes.

What’s more, prices of seafood in Gigantes Island are much more affordable than in many cities all over the country. It’s even cheaper than those you can buy at the island of Boracay.

Accommodation Options in Islas de Gigantes

Gigantes group of islands has plenty of resorts and accommodations available. However, popular options are in Gigantes Norte, and it’s easy to spot affordable rooms for travelers. But if you want to rent a home accommodation, Gigantes Sur would help you. Also, consider tent accommodation in Cabugao and Antonia islands as well.

How to reach Gigantes Islands

Islas de Gigantes is located off the shore of Carles and Estancia towns in Iloilo Province. Hence, the two towns act as the main jump-off point to the group of islands. And you can reach Carles through the main transportation lines in Panay Island. From Iloilo City, this would take you around 5 to 6 hours, from Boracay is 6 to 7 hours and from Roxas City is about 3 to 4 hours.

At Carles, head to Bansal Port for a noontime travel to easily reach Gigantes. Note, however, that boat from either Carles and Estancia only travels once a day to the group of islands. You can book for a boat tour around the group of islands as well. But narrow roads are available in Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur for easy tour within each of the biggest islands.

Tour Packages you should Avail

To make the most out of your Gigantes Island getaway, here are tour packages you should get:

*DAY TOUR – 1 day tour

As per your request, here’s the full inclusion of the tour. Please see the full details below:

PACKAGE FOR day tour @php999 per head all in= no hidden charges – open for joiners tour

Private charter boat (joiners tour)| overloaded servings of food for lunch/Tours (as stated) | All Entrance Fees | Island hopping= 5 islands to visit| tour guide fee| environmental fee| islands entrance fees|




For 1 night and 2 days open for joiners tour:

*1 pax @1799d
*2pax @1799/head
*3pax-4pax @1699per head
*5 pax @1599 per head
*6-7pax 1499 per head
*8- 9pax @1399per head
*10-15pax @1349 per head
*16 pax up @1299per head

This is an all in package and guaranteed that there’s no hidden charges.

Inclusions: private boat service from/to gigantes back n forth included (joiners tour),PRIVATE 1 night fan room accommodation, Island hopping= 6 islands to visit plus cave tour, full board meals= total of 4 meals, environmental fee, tour guide fee, island entrance fees, then free unlimited coffee…

-Generous servings of Food- you can ask for more for free( subject to food source availability- outside factors)
-travel insurance- (only when you’re in the boat)
-private rooms/cottage
-bonfire activity-upon request

3D2N – 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTs

For 2 nights and 3 days passenger boat package:

*2 persons= Php2999 per head
*3 persons= Php2899 per head
*4 persons= Php2799 per head
*5 persons= Php2699 per head
*6 persons= Php2599 per head
*7 persons= Php2499 per head
*8 persons= Php2399 per head
*9 to 15persons= Php2299 per head
*16pax up= Php 2199 per head

for inquiries send us email to

Package for 2 nights and 3 days all in promo package and guaranteed that there’s no hidden charges at all.

Inclusions; passenger boat fare back n forth included,2 nights accommodation – PRIVATE fan room, island hopping= 6 islands to visit plus cave tour, full board meals= total of 6 meals, environmental fee, tour guide fee, island entrance fee, then free coffee anytime.

-Generous servings of Food- you can ask for more for free( subject to food source availability- outside factors)
-bonfire activity (optional)

A Gigantes Island getaway is truly fantastic. Be sure, however, to take note of these travel guide to keep you on the right track.